Your office furniture and layout can impact your employees’ performance and productivity. When you purchase top-quality furniture solutions for your commercial space from Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can better adhere to current office design trends and optimize your space.

Office Design Trends in Texas

Current office furniture and designs in Texas revolve around comfort and efficiency to improve company productivity. Some of the biggest trends in office design include:

  • Modular workstations: Workers can modify this office furniture to fulfill their changing needs. Modular workstations are ideal for keeping things fresh and functional in the office while helping employees remain focused with built-in dividers.
  • Collaborative workspaces: Collaborative workspaces are becoming more popular than ever, encouraging employees to work together. Open floor plans serve as excellent collaborative areas for workers by offering a spacious environment that facilitates employee interactions.
  • Biophilic designs: Many companies bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural elements into their offices, such as plants, water features, green walls and organic colors. This type of office design can increase productivity while promoting a more calming atmosphere.
  • Natural lighting: Natural light exposure boosts productivity, improves mood and reduces afflictions like headaches and migraines. You can implement natural light into your office with glass dividers, large windows and artificial lighting that mimics natural light.
  • Communal work areas: Instead of limiting your employees to an office, consider creating communal areas like cafes and lounge areas. These options can enhance efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Our Office Design Services

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we do more than just supply companies with cutting-edge furniture solutions. We also offer various services to ensure your investments provide you with the highest value.


When you purchase an office cubicle from us, we’ll provide free design services from our experienced team. We’ll assess your current floor plan, note any design requests you have and create several layout options tailored to your requirements. After, we’ll help you choose the ideal cubicle design for your office.


We can deliver any furniture you buy from us directly to your doorstep at the most affordable shipping rates, whether your company is located within or outside of the United States. We employ strict quality controls to ensure your order makes it to your location in record time.


We offer furniture installation services for customers who choose our white glove delivery option. Through our premium services, our highly skilled staff will deliver your purchased products to your location and install them according to your desired floor plan. We’ll install your office furniture with optimal efficiency while you focus on your business.

Our Selection of Office Furniture in Texas

Shopping at Arnold’s Office Furniture means gaining access to our complete selection of cutting-edge solutions, including our revolutionary Sunline cubicles for maximum freshness and affordability. You can find the following office products in our comprehensive inventory:

Why Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture for Office Furniture and Design in Texas?

Arnold’s Office Furniture was founded in 1929 and continues to deliver revolutionary office furniture over 90 years later. As the sole distributors of Sunline cubicles, we can provide you with high-end solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

When it comes to office furniture, we believe boring doesn’t cut it. That’s why we provide our customers with fresh and inspired furniture solutions at the most affordable prices.

When you do business with us, you can expect nothing less than exceptional service. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our many Google reviews. We’re also trusted by several major brands, including Walmart, Amazon, Tiffany & Co., The Hershey Company and McDonald’s.

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You can find top-quality office furniture for your Texas business at Arnold’s Office Furniture. When you work with us, you can expect a comprehensive furniture line, 24/7 support and nationwide delivery and installation services.

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