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Custom office workstations can provide comfort, and efficiency while even promoting a healthy workplace culture through thoughtful design. Arnold's Office Furniture is ready to bring your business the next wave in modern office furniture systems. As the sole distributor of Sunline modular office workstations, we work closely with medium and large businesses that want to outfit entire offices affordably — without sacrificing functionality or style. And because of our variety of options, you'll always get the choice of features you need at a price you'll like.


A modular office furniture system is a versatile set of furniture units that can be easily assembled on-site to create customized office workstations. These systems are gaining popularity due to their adaptability to changing office needs and their ability to create a range of workspaces and collaborative areas. With modern modular office furniture systems, businesses can design unique workstations that suit their specific requirements while also providing flexibility for future growth and change.

Below are the components that can be customized to your office. Whether you need modular home office furniture or office furniture like workstations built for your growing business, Arnold’s Office Furniture has everything you need to grow and thrive in the business world – from home offices to traditional office space.


Open office plans are a hot trend, whether you work in a full room, traditional office space, or a shared workspace. Arnold’s bench-style desks are perfect for businesses such as creative agencies, digital publishers, sales organizations, and everything in between. Help your business harness the power of collaboration with an open office plan and modular stand-alone office desks from Sunline.

Sunline’s selection of bench-style office furnishings includes:

  • Quad-style office systems that keep small groups of four employees together, with plenty of storage for all
  • Parallel bench systems without storage are perfect for temporary workspaces, such as when a visitor needs to log in to their laptop
  • Parallel bench systems with ample storage work great for permanently located employees who require locking drawers


When your employees and guests need more privacy, check out Arnold’s collection of Sunline modular cubicles. These sliding cubicles come in a wide range of sizes, wall heights, and colors, ensuring all pieces of your business’s furniture will fit great and match perfectly.

Sunline’s sliding cubicles are available in:

  • Small, medium, large, and extra-large dimensions from 5’x5′ to 8’x8′. Mix and match your cubicles, or keep it simple and choose all the same size.
  • Straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped models. Sunline makes it easy for you to make the most of your office space with a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Several colors. Stay in front of the latest office decor trends affordably with Sunline. Choose from standard colors such as gray or white, or go in a different direction with red, blue, or green.
  • Adjustable and fixed partition heights. Sunline gives your employees a choice! Raise or lower the partition as desired, or keep it simple with a fixed partition.

 Need More Modular Office Furniture Choices?

No problem. Arnold’s also carries:

  • Sunline sit-stand cubicles. If you know anyone who works at a standing desk, chances are they love it. Find out what the fuss is about and order more!
  • Sunline sliding cubicles in a 4-pack. Get the best of open office collaboration and cubicle privacy with Arnold’s selection of Sunline’s 4-pack cubicles.


Looking for more front desk options? No problem. Arnold’s has you covered with a great selection of modular quad systems, call center desks, and bench-style workstations built to fit your office’s needs. You’ll find:

  • Quick-ship bench and quad systems with modern styling and plenty of storage
  • Space-efficient call center desks in a range of sizes
  • Benching systems with add-on storage are available


Make sure your senior executives are comfortable with a full-office system from Arnold’s and Sunline. We make it easy to outfit your leadership with full-wall glass partitions, large executive desks, and more. Want to order extra stand-up desks or other accessories to more easily add to your new space? No problem. Arnold’s has everything you need to be ready to furnish your office comfortably and affordably.


With the rise of remote work and flexible schedules, more and more people are seeking home office solutions that are both functional and stylish. Home office modular furniture systems offer a great solution to this challenge, providing customizable pieces that can be easily assembled to create a workspace that meets your unique needs.

Modular furniture systems allow you to easily configure your home office to fit the space available, while also providing ample storage and organization options. Additionally, modular furniture is designed with versatility in mind, making it easy to adapt your home office to meet changing needs over time.

Home Offices Are Unique

When setting up a home office, it can be challenging to find furniture that fits your specific needs and preferences. However, with a modular furniture system, you can customize your home office furniture to fit your exact requirements. Whether you need a large desk or a compact workstation, a modular furniture system can provide the flexibility to create a home office that works for you. With a range of styles and finishes to choose from, you can create a workspace with a look that complements your home decor while also providing functionality and comfort. So if you’re looking for a versatile and adaptable solution for your home office, consider investing in a modular furniture system.


Whether you’re looking for something that can fit 20 people or 200 people, we can help you design the perfect space – for free. Get in touch with us and we’ll design a floor plan for you that maximizes your space and complements your office vibe. Interested in designing your space yourself? Download our Office Design Guide and get all the tips and tricks for designing your perfect space.  

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