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Are you in need of a new conference table? When you host a meeting with clients or potential clients, the first thing they notice when walking into your conference room is the appearance of the table. Quality conference tables create an eye-catching business environment to provide a comfortable area for internal discussions and business transactions. Your conference room deserves to have a quality conference table that ties the room together, and we’ll provide you with the perfect one.

We have 41 awesome Conference Tables for you to choose from:

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, finding solutions for your commercial space is simple. We supply affordable conference tables with durable materials to help you secure your next sale. With an expanding inventory of Sunline products, we’ll set you up for success with conference tables featuring wooden construction and sleek modern styles.


Conference tables are a huge part of interviews, training sessions, meetings and corporate events. These pieces of furniture come in an array of dimensions and shapes, but their goal is to encourage open discussion. Employees might use a conference table to plan future objectives, conduct business meetings or educate colleagues about upcoming changes.

If your building is equipped with conference rooms, the right table will improve communication from different departments. Business owners and managers can create a welcoming environment for questions, feedback and reports by using conference tables.


At Arnold’s, we stock our online store with versatile conference tables. We understand that no two offices are exactly the same, so you’ll find selections that seat as few as four people as well as selections 40 feet long. Browse through our collection for rectangular, circular and square surfaces for collaboration.

Most of our conference meeting tables showcase woodgrain patterns to match chairs, desks and furniture you already have. Our products are designed for conference rooms, but you can place fixtures inside personal offices, break rooms, printing areas and more to facilitate routine tasks. Transform the look of your building with the following finishes:

  • Red shadow wood
  • Kass walnut
  • Virginia walnut
  • Light zebra wood
  • Dark zebra wood
  • Maple
  • White
  • Apple red
  • Rose wood
  • Ebony
  • Dark red oak
  • Light teak


Arnold’s Office Furniture gives you the best of both worlds when shopping for conference tables. We carry styles that feature all-wooden materials for traditional conference room setups as well as modern conference tables for mobility. Build the following selections and leave them in place for frequent meetings:

If your office environment is subject to change, we recommend lightweight meeting tables with the latest technology. Several of our Sunline conference tables arrive with electrical outlets, wire management systems, cabinets and storage doors for organization and efficiency. The Sunline IW Conference Table even comes with a TV stand excellent for presentations and visual aids.

Click on any of our products to see the available dimensions and further details. All conference tables will have wood or aluminum legs based on your selection.

Boardroom Tables

Boardroom tables are designed to seat several people at once. Whether you have a general meeting or a conference with stakeholders, the right boardroom table can make your office stand out.

We carry modern and classic styles to complement your office aesthetic. Our modern styles feature clean lines and minimalistic surfaces and table legs. These sleek designs go well with contemporary offices. Our more traditional styles offer stunning details and rich wooden hues to showcase your company’s elegance.

Our conference room tables can suit small groups of four or large groups over 10. Explore our boardroom table options to find the product that speaks to you and your needs.

Sunline Tables

The Sunline office tables come in an array of styles and sizes to fit your needs. The IW Executive line offers smaller tables for more intimate meetings. Choose from various wood options and custom sizes to ensure it works in your space. The Sunline Mall Series is perfect for meetings of six to eight people with wire management systems for TV screens.

For economy-minded businesses, the Sunline LA Series offers a beautiful wood and leather look with two surface options. 


Before you place an order, you must take measurements of your conference room. A meeting table will be the focal point of a commercial space, so pay attention to the location of doors, windows and power sources. You should place furniture in a location where employees can see projection screens, whiteboards, monitors and more.

Purchase a conference table with exact numbers in mind. How many workers attend your meetings, and will a certain style seat employees comfortably? Leave enough room for elbows, and ensure guests can come and go as necessary.

Surrounding fixtures will also determine your conference table’s shape and finish. Take note of desks, podiums and seating to decide on the shade of your investment.


Look no further than Arnold’s for tables and office furniture. We want to be a part of your company’s transformation, so our experts offer nationwide shipping for convenience. Assemble conference tables on your own or have our technicians do the job for you by adding installation services to your order at checkout.

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