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Benching Systems

Office Benching Systems

Bring your office into the 21st century with our benching workstations — the latest trend in open concept design. This system has quickly become a staple in the modern workplace, primarily due to its flexibility, cost-efficiency, and the collaborative spirit it fosters among team members.

Ready to break down the walls between your employees — literally? Arnold's Office Furniture offers a wide array of office benching desks perfectly suited for your needs. Learn more about office benching, its benefits and how you can transform your workspace with Arnold's most innovative office workstations.

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We have 14 awesome Benching Systems for you to choose from:

  • Sunline SP Benching System


    WAREHOUSE SALE - $295 PER SEAT Included in Warehouse Sale: Maple Surface White Legs White Privacy Panel 2-Pack and 4-Pack Seating Options *Power Option Availabl...
    per seat
  • Sunline Natural Benching II

    4'2" x 3'1"

    The Sunline Natural Benching System Workstation PRICING: Tier 1: 6-11 benching systems – $755 Tier 2: 12-24 benching systems – $705 Tier 3: 25-49 benching systems – $...
    per seat

    WAREHOUSE SALE - $495 Included in Warehouse Sale: Maple Surface White Legs Dual Monitor Arm (included in sale price!) Bottom Sharing Cabinet Top Sharing Cabinet...
    per seat
  • Sunline Benching With Panels

    PRICING: Tier 1: 6-11 benching systems - $1,295 Tier 2: 12-24 benching systems - $1,245 Tier 3: 25-49 benching systems - $1,195 Tier 4: 50-100 benching systems - $1,1...
    per seat

    5'2"x 2'5"

    PRICING: Tier 1: 6-11 benching systems - $750 Tier 2: 12-24 benching systems - $700 Tier 3: 25-49 benching systems - $650 Tier 4: 50-100 benching systems - $600 Ti...
    per seat

    5'5" x 5'5"

    Sunline Benching System II has a unique white loop shape steel leg which provides stability. Sunline Quad Benching System No two companies are alike, and different projects w...
    per seat
  • Sunline Apo Benching System

    The Sunline Apo benching system is perfect for a company who is constantly growing and looking to just add onto their system! No need to buy a whole new set when you can just purch...
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    per seat
  • Sunline EY Benching System

    The Sunline EY Benching system has acrylic screens to ensure the privacy needed, but still giving you the open plan feeling. FEATURES: Custom Surface Sizes Available Var...
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    per seat
  • Sunline Lipa Benching System

    The Sunline Lipa Benching system can be setup in different configurations to match whatever design your office needs. FEATURES: Custom Surface Sizes Available Variety of...
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    per seat


    Are you looking to update your office? Do it the right way with our Sunline Natural Benching System! FEATURES: Variety of sizes available Included: Privacy Panel and Sid...
    per seat
  • Sunline SP Quad Station

    9'2" x 2'5"

    The Sunline SP Quad Station is shown in maple but comes in a variety of colors. This benching system makes for an easy collaboration, but there is also a polyester sound absorbing ...
    per seat
  • Sunline EH Benching System

    3’9” x 4’7” x 2’5”

    Sunline EH Benching System is brand new!  There are a variety of panel colors as well as work surface colors to make it the perfect fit for your office. FEATURES: Variety o...
    per seat
  • PA Benching System

    4' - 6'

    The PA benching system is perfect for easy collaboration! With it's variety of work surface options, we guarantee you will find the perfect match for your office. PRICING: ...
    per seat
  • Clover Benching System III

    An Arnold's Office Furniture creation, the Clover Benching System III combines collaboration with privacy to give you a battle-station from which to produce your best work. FEAT...
    per seat

Discover how to choose the right office furniture for your workspace and everything else needed to redesign your office or design a new workspace. Read our complete office design guide today!

What Is Office Benching?

Office benching is a modern design for office seating. Benches are worktop desks long enough to accommodate several employees during the workday. Many include built-in storage spaces and filing cabinets for each person’s seat. Since a wide selection of sizes and custom systems are available, you’ll find benches that will fit neatly into an unused corner of your workroom as well as extended designs that sweep across the entire office.

Unlike a cubicle or private office, benching desks are completely open between spaces, with no walls separating employees from those around them. Even if you choose to add small dividers to break up workspaces and increase your employees’ privacy, the relatively open atmosphere between chairs encourages co-workers to gather, communicate and collaborate like never before.

Why Choose a Benching desk System for Your Office?

Benching desks are one of the most aesthetically pleasing workstation solutions for an open-office design. And, of course, a workspace that’s enjoyable to look at will be more pleasant to work in. But that doesn’t mean these desks are any less functional. Benching desk systems offer a host of benefits to both employers and workers.

A benching workstation will:

Office Benching desks From Arnold’s Office Furniture

Think a benching desk system would be great for your office? The professionals at Arnold’s Office Furniture are here to help.

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we have 90 years of experience helping small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike find their ideal office solutions. Today, we deliver and install more than a dozen types of benching workstations for businesses nationwide, including the exclusive SUNLINE series.

The desks in our inventory come with an extensive array of features, which you can mix and match to create personalized solutions. These features include:

A streamlined workspace is waiting for you. Design yours today with Arnold’s Office Furniture. Contact us to learn more or to request your free quote.

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