High Wall Workstations (Up To 65″ High)

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At Arnold's Office Furniture, we offer high wall workstations in our effort to find the perfect cubicle system for your needs. Tall cubicles will provide an extra measure of privacy within your workplace, perfect for creating a space that allows for quiet and focused work. 

Cubicles have long been a staple in American office design, providing workers with their own individual space and privacy. Today, the options for cubicles are wider than ever before, giving your office floor plan incredible flexibility and versatility. One of the first and most important decisions you’ll have to make is the height of your cubicle walls.

Why Choose Tall Office Cubicles? 

When your employees require a private setting away from prying eyes and ears, high wall cubicles offer the perfect solution. Not every office can accommodate individual offices for every worker. Cubicles will give your employees a personal space that they can call their own. While many cubicles today are designed with short- or medium-height walls, tall workstations with panels around 70″ tall offer the most acoustical and visual privacy.

Tall cubicles are ideal for work that requires quiet and focus without the interference of outside distractions. A variety of organizations and professionals value this kind of discretion and privacy, including:

  • Counselors who regularly have sensitive conversations
  • Workers who can’t focus in loud office environments
  • Doctors and chiropractors who require a private space to see patients
  • Anywhere else in need of partitioned space

Benefits of High Wall Cubicles

While benching or lower wall systems may be great when your work requires collaboration and teamwork, some office environments call for private spaces free from distractions. When you order high wall workstations from Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can be sure of incredible benefits for your workers and your overall workspace. These cubicles:

  • Create a more formal or traditional work environment
  • Provide privacy for managers and supervisors
  • Prevent workers from worrying about others peering into their office space
  • Allow for a quiet space for employees who need an added measure of concentration
  • Deliver additional space for storage and can support hanging shelves and overhead bins

Our Customization Options for High Wall Workstations 

When buying new cubicles for your workspace, it’s essential to get a product that will meet your company’s specific needs and provide an effective workstation solution. That’s why Arnold’s Office Furniture lets you choose the exact specifications of your tall office cubicles. You can choose between many options for each of your cubicle’s major components, including: 

  • Brand: Your cubicle’s brand name holds a lot of value. At Arnold’s, you can choose from a selection of top-selling office furniture brands, including Sunline. This means you can select a brand you trust to provide a durable, quality workstation for your employees.
  • Color: Color can have a big impact on your office’s atmosphere and even contribute to your employees’ moods and productivity levels. Choose a color for your tall cubicles that will match the rest of your office and promote a positive, efficient work environment.
  • Footprint: Get cubicles with dimensions that fit the office space you have available. With Arnold’s, you can choose from various footprints for tall office cubicles to find a solution that gives your employees enough room to work comfortably while leaving plenty of open floor space to navigate.
  • Accessories: When you purchase new cubicles from Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can also provide your employees with new accessories to increase efficiency and organization. Choose to include storage options, drawers, tack boards and more with your tall cubicle.
  • Material: Your cubicle’s material can affect its quality, appearance and life expectancy. When you shop at Arnold’s, you can access a wide range of material options, so you can ensure you get a cubicle that can withstand daily operations.
  • Height: Arnold’s has several options for office cubicle height. You can select a height that allows your workers to be productive and safe in their workspace.

Provide a Healthier Workspace With High Wall Office Cubicles 

Create a healthier, safer work environment with tall office cubicles from Arnold’s Office Furniture. High wall cubicles provide a simple way to ensure your employees can safely distance and reduce the risk of spreading illness.

In addition to keeping your workers safe with high, protective barriers, Arnold’s large office cubicles are designed to be easy to rearrange. In the event of an outbreak or before the onset of flu season, you can restructure your office to protect your employees.

You can also disinfect these cubicles with Microban every three months to help ensure your employees have a clean work surface.

Let Arnold’s Customize Your Office

There’s no need to struggle with layout or sizing when you work with Arnold’s Office Furniture. Just order your cubicle systems or office furniture from us, and we’ll create your layout and install your tall workstations. This service is free of charge when you buy with us.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors in many ways, including:

  • Different shapes: No need to worry that your office will turn into a bland, cookie-cutter workspace. From large U-shaped cubicles to L-shaped or straight designs, we’ll find an ideal layout to maximize your workspace and fit your work style.
  • Modern design: When you imagine a cubicle, it’s probably not an attractive image. Fear not — our colorful choices and stylish designs will ensure that you have an office space that’s both functional and attractive.
  • High affordability: When you buy your tall cubicles from Arnold’s, you’ll find that our high-quality workstations are half the cost of those from competing office furniture brands.

Because our tall office cubicle system is highly customizable, you can reconfigure as needed. You can even take your cubicles with you if you relocate.

Order Your High Wall Cubicles at Arnold’s 

If you’re ready to furnish your office space with premium tall office cubicles, we invite you to contact us today to request a quote. We’ll help you create your ideal floor plan design and ensure you have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. You’ll soon see why Arnold’s Office Furniture is used in Fortune 500 offices across the world.