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Arnold’s Office Furniture sells Sunline cubicles to give your workplace solitude without taking up too much space in the office or dollars in your budget. There are many options, ranging from semi-private office cubicles to high wall office cubicles with doors. Whatever your office needs, Sunline has a cubicle for it.

When people think of the iconic office furniture piece — the cubicle — a positive image may not come to mind. Typical cubicles are cramped with no place for your belongings and create a monotonous and boring office. Worse yet, cubicles are known for having no privacy. In a business environment where this is necessary, cubicles may not seem like the best idea. However, giving every employee an individual room can be costly, if not impossible.


An office cubicle that balances privacy with collaboration is a semi-private cubicle. This style works best for employees with jobs that require both solitude to concentrate on tasks and communication with coworkers. In this design, an employee has their own desk and storage. The lower height of the walls offers privacy to give the employee their own space. However, this layout also makes it easy for employees to collaborate.

If your staff would benefit from a semi-private office cubicle, Sunline has many options for you. Arnold’s Office Furniture carries doorless cubicles that vary by size, layout and height. The Clover style from Sunline offers the ultimate semi-private office. We also have designs with drop height walls. This design makes it even easier to talk with your colleagues but still have a sense of privacy.


There are some situations where even a semi-private cubicle won’t work. For employees that often use the phone, the conversation may not stay confidential since those around them can hear it. For those who want to meet with clients at their desk, the usual cubical style may not fit everyone comfortably. The lack of privacy is crucial if these conversations contain sensitive information.

Sunline cubicles have private office cubicles with doors for your workspace. Choose an enclosed cubicle with a door for the best security. The door and high walls give the sense of a real office at a more affordable cost. In this cubicle with a door style, the two fabric-covered walls give you the quietness you need to concentrate on your work. The glass wall allows your coworkers or clients to see if you are in your office.

If your business needs a luxurious office or an enclosed meeting room, Sunline cubicles has options for you. The Clover High Glass Wall II design goes up to the ceiling. The glass front makes it easy to see if the office is occupied, but the door and the fabric-covered wall promotes confidentiality. We offer dimensions to fit one workspace or a large conference table for meetings.


When choosing high wall office cubicles with doors for your workplace, choose the Sunline brand at Arnold’s Office Furniture. We have the best cubicles for your office needs.

Because Arnold’s is the sole distributor of Sunline, you won’t find these cubicles anywhere else. The layouts are flexible for any workspace and come in a variety of modern designs. Their affordable cost will make it even easier to design your office space.

When you purchase your semi-private office cubicles from Arnold’s, you’ll receive complimentary design services. We will make your layout as efficient as possible but still have everything you need. That’s why Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Panasonic and American Airlines trust us with all of their office needs. Arnold’s will also deliver and install your office products for you no matter where you are in the nation.

From our outstanding customer service to 90 years of experience, Arnold’s is the best choice you can make for your office.


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