Cube Kit

Cube Kit


Coming Soon: one kit, 7 layout options!
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Cube Kit


As low as: $1,995.00

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  • no installers or skilled labor required
  • easy-to-follow instructions
  • palletized for easy shipping and delivery
  • one kit provides numerous layout options
  • low competitive price
  • white glove delivery and assembly are available

View our cubicle installation instructions HERE.

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Office Cubicle Kit

Are you looking to add flexibility to your office layout? This do-it-yourself (DIY) office cubicle package from Arnold’s Office Furniture can meet your needs. As part of the revolutionary Sunline cubicle collection, this product features a modern design and can fit into any office space.

Why Get a Customizable DIY Office Cubicle Kit?

Our office cubicle kit provides multiple benefits for your business:

  • Palletized for easy shipping and delivery: The kit arrives at your dock as a self-contained unit for simplified handling.
  • No installers or skilled labor needed: The DIY aspect means you can complete the setup process in-house without hiring outside labor.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions: You’ll receive step-by-step installation instructions that save time and eliminate confusion.
  • One kit provides numerous layout options: Enjoy the flexibility to configure your cubicles to optimize space and fit your team’s working style.
  • Low competitive price: Upgrade and modernize your office layout without breaking your company’s budget.
  • White glove delivery and assembly available: If you prefer not to set up the cubicles yourself, we can handle the delivery and installation for you.

Designs You Can Create With Our Cubicle Kit

The versatility provided by our office cubicle kit gives you multiple configuration options. Create pods that can accommodate several employees to foster a more collaborative work environment. You can also incorporate privacy by setting up individual workstations in various sizes. 

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Learn more about the customizable cubicle packages for sale at Arnold’s Office Furniture and discover how they can enhance your office layout. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team is ready to answer your questions and provide assistance. Call us at 610-272-2050 or request a quote online today