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Arnold’s Office Furniture offers an assortment of mid-wall office workstations for sale. These mid-wall cubicles are ideal for promoting a more collaborative work environment while still giving your workers the feeling of having personal space. They also provide an attractive design touch that will make a favorable impression on your office visitors.

Why Choose Medium-Height (53″ High) Workstations?

Our selection of mid-wall cubicles for sale features an array of products that are tall enough to introduce privacy into the work environment without isolating team members. Half wall cubicles allow workers to concentrate on individual tasks while still having the convenience of seeking input from nearby colleagues. You can create the ideal setting for increasing productivity and efficiency with these 53″ high cubicles.

This office furniture option is an excellent choice for facilities with limited room. Many of our mid-wall cubicle options allow you to place individual workstations adjacent to each other to maximize floor space. You can also reconfigure the stations to accommodate future growth or layout changes.

From an aesthetic perspective, these workstations can make your office look more stylish and professional. Multiple fabric colors are available, enabling you to customize the products to complement your existing office decor.

Our Options For Mid-Wall Workstations (Cubicles?)

We offer Sunline cubicles for these versatile workstations:

  • Sunline cubicles: Arnold’s is the sole distributor of the cutting-edge sliding cubicle systems that continue to revolutionize the office furniture industry. Our Sunline cubicles offer a modular, customizable solution that is easy to set up and reconfigure as needed. The individual panels slide in and out of connector posts to form the cubicle walls.

    Sunline products are available in several sizes. Our expert design team can collaborate with you to help you select suitable workstations for your unique environment. You can feel confident that your new office furniture will serve your business’s current and future needs.

Why Choose Arnold’s For Your Office Workstations?

Arnold’s Office Furniture has been helping business owners in a wide range of industries overcome their most daunting office furniture challenges for more than 90 years. We support our high-quality products with exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable sales team is available to guide you through the ordering process, enabling you to make informed purchasing decisions.

You’ll also appreciate our tiered pricing structure, especially if you’re a high-volume buyer. Your unit cost will decrease as your order size increases, leading to significant cost savings. No wonder Fortune 500 companies like American Airlines, Amazon, Panasonic and many others turn to Arnold’s when it’s time for an office furniture upgrade.

Check Out Our Collection Of Standard-Height Cubicles

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