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When it comes to cubicles, less can be so much more. These incredible office solutions will maximize your office space while still providing your workers with a private area that they can call their own. At Arnold's Office Furniture, we're proud to offer a selection of small office cubicles perfect for businesses that are tight on space.

Each of our premium workstations is durable, efficient and stylish. Gone are the days of boring, drab cubes that made workers dread going to work. Today, our stylish yet small cubicles provide employees with an open feeling to ensure they don’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. We carry cubicles in all shapes and sizes, including smaller solutions that are perfect for a variety of businesses.


While larger workstations and bench systems have their advantages, small office cubicles continue to be one of the most popular choices. Most companies have limited space to work with in their office design. If you’re in the same boat, remember that small cubicles will allow you to fit a large number of workstations into your open floor plan while still giving your workers some elbow room.

When you choose to go with our smaller cubicle options, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits for your business and employees:

  • Workers will have a quiet space of their own, increasing their productivity and focus.
  • They can personalize their cubicle, enjoying a warmer, more inviting atmosphere.
  • Employees can stay in close contact with other team members for collaborative efforts.
  • The walls will create a sense of separation for individual projects that require concentration.


When you order any of our small office cubicles, such as our selection of premium Sunline cubicles, you’ll find that their modular design makes them easy to assemble and configure to your needs. However, if you don’t want to deal with the stress of creating an efficient cubicle layout, you won’t have to. With your purchase of our small cubicles or anything else from our office furniture inventory, you’ll receive complimentary floor plan design.

Your business is unique. That’s why you need a cubicle layout designed to match your specific needs. Our team of experts will make sure you get the optimal arrangement from our small cubicles, maximizing your space and efficiency. We’ll make reimagining your open office floor plan a breeze.

No matter which option you choose, your small cubicle workstations will be:

  • Highly customizable: Get all the accessories you need to ensure your workers can do their jobs well, including storage, premium desks and superior office chairs.
  • Stylish: Our small cubicles are available in a variety of colors, fabrics and finishes, so your office will remain modern and stylish.
  • Transportable: Our cubicles are an investment you can take with you if you ever relocate. You can disassemble, reassemble and reconfigure your small workstations as needed.
  • Affordable: Get premium, new cubicles for a used cubicle price when by shopping at Arnold’s. You’ll end up paying half what you would for competing office furniture brands.


Whether you’re in the market for stylish yet small office cubicles or you need to outfit your office with stylish furniture, Arnold’s Office Furniture is your one-stop shop. Call our expert team today at (866) 674-4768 to start creating your dream office space. You can also request your free quote online. You’ll soon see why Fortune 500 offices around the globe turn to us for all their office needs.