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Cubicles have long been considered the epitome of organization and productivity in the office environment. While the picture that may come to mind is that of drab, gray cubes, today's modern workstations offer impressive versatility combined with the cubicle's traditional efficiency. At Arnold's Office Furniture, we're proud to supply companies with stylish and durable cubicle workstations, including our 6' x 6' options.

If you’re looking for a certain size cubicle, you may find it difficult to find 6′ x 6′ designs. The 6′ x 6′ cubicle layout is one of the most sought after in today’s market because it offers the perfect amount of working space to give a workforce plenty of elbow room while still maximizing floorspace. This is why the 6′ x 6′ is our most popular size.

The Benefits of 6′ X 6′ Cubicles

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we’ll make sure you’re able to find your ideal sized cubicle for your open office space. The coveted 6′ x 6′ cubicle is the perfect size to ensure not one bit of usable space is wasted, making it great for companies with limited room. The dimensions will give your employees plenty of space to work comfortably.

When you choose 6′ x 6′ cubicles for your workforce, you’ll find that they bring tons of benefits to your employees as well as your overall office environment:

  • Privacy increases focus and productivity.
  • Workers can keep in close contact with others for collaborative projects.
  • Dimensions provide plenty of space without workers feeling cramped or claustrophobic.
  • Cubicle walls offer a quiet place to retreat to when workers need to concentrate.

Our Options for 6′ x 6′ Cubicle Workstations

Every company’s needs are different when it comes to office furniture. That’s why we offer customization options for our 6′ x 6′ cubicles. You can choose the exact specifications you need to fit your company’s requirements. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can tweak the major components of your cubicle, including the following:

  • Brand: Brand name carries a lot of meaning, and it could impact the look, quality or life expectancy of your office furniture. Choose from top-selling brands like Sunline to ensure you get the cubicles you need.
  • Accessories: Arnold’s Office Furniture gives you the chance to include additional accessories with your cubicles that may make your employees’ workflow easier. You can choose to add extra storage units, drawers, tack boards and other accessories that let your employees organize their workspaces and work more efficiently.
  • Material: A cubicle’s material can affect its overall quality, appearance and durability. Arnold’s lets you choose a material that suits your office’s aesthetic and your employees’ daily routines.
  • Height: You can determine the size and height of your 6′ x 6′ cubicles to ensure they meet your needs. Select a workstation height that’s optimal for the safety and comfort of your employees.
  • Color: Color scheme is an essential aspect of your office’s design. Some colors are known to play a role in people’s moods or productivity levels. Select a color for your cubicles that matches your office’s existing look and creates a positive, productive work atmosphere for your employees.
  • Shape: With Arnold’s, you can choose from a wide selection of cubicle shapes, so your workstations can meet your employees’ exact needs. Get a cubicle that gives your employees enough space to work comfortably and increase efficiency.

Create a Healthier Workspace With a 6′ X 6′ Cubicle Layout

Foster a healthier and safer work environment for your employees by implementing modern 6′ x 6′ cubicles in your office. Sunline office cubicles provide a natural method to enforce social distancing and prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

These cubicles are easy to rearrange in less than a day, letting you restructure your office during the cold season or when an outbreak occurs. You can also disinfect these workstations with Microban, which kills bacteria, fungi and germs for a clean, decontaminated workspace.

Let your employees work confidently in the office by providing safer 6′ x 6′ cubicle workstations.

Let Arnold’s Design Your Ideal Office Space

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we carry all the cubicles, furniture and office efficiency solutions you need to keep your company running smoothly. We’re proud to be the exclusive dealer of some of the best office solutions on the market, including Sunline cubicles. If you need 6′ x 6′ cubicle workstations, we’re sure to have your perfect configuration.

The modular design of our cubicles ensures that they can be easily assembled. However, with Arnold’s, you won’t have to worry about designing your office layout on your own. If you purchase any of our cubicle systems or furniture, we’ll offer complimentary floor plan design. Our expert team will work with you to effectively utilize every inch of your office space. Plus, when you order 6′ x 6′ or any other cubicles from Arnold’s, you can be sure that all of your workstations will be:

  • Modern and stylish: Gone are the days of boring, gray cubicles. Our designs are available in a variety of colors, fabrics and finishes.
  • Customizable to your needs: Your office demands are unique, so get the accessories and extras you need, such as a variety of desks, storage, shelving and more.
  • Transportable: If your office changes locations, so too can your 6′ x 6′ cubicles. Reassemble and reconfigure them as needed.
  • Affordable: At Arnold’s, we’re proud to provide incredible brand new cubicles for used cubicle prices. You’ll end up paying half what you would from competing office furniture brands.

Contact Arnold’s to Start Planning Your Dream Office

Whether you’re in the market for 6′ x 6′ cubicle workstations or searching for the perfect layout for your office, the experts at Arnold’s Office Furniture are here to help. If you’re ready to start reimagining your workspace, contact us online for your free quote.