Low Wall Office Workstations (Around 41" High)

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The height of your office cubicle is one of the first and most important decisions you'll need to make when you're designing an open office floor plan. Low cubicles encourage open communication and a free flow of ideas among your employees.

For more than 90 years, Arnold’s Office Furniture has been there to meet the demands of the modern office with innovative cubicle systems. When you picture a busy office thrumming with employees, an image of cubicles lined in a row probably comes to mind. When you choose Arnold’s, we’ll work with you to create an ideal workspace that meets the demands of your business. One such office solution is the low wall cubicle.


When collaboration is key, low wall office workstations from Arnold’s Office Furniture are your ideal answer. While high walls allow for better acoustical and visual privacy, low walls encourage teamwork and connection.

Cubicles in the workplace are a great way to ensure that each of your employees has a space to call their own. However, in today’s office environment, many companies are doing away with the high-walled workstations of yesteryear. Gone are the days of drab and lifeless gray cubes. Instead, cubicles with low walls help employees feel engaged and a part of what’s going on.

In a variety of organizations, low profile cubicles are a perfect choice, including in:

  • Collaborative environments where multiple members of a team are working on the same project
  • Creative workspaces, such as those for design teams
  • Companies that require frequent impromptu meetings to discuss projects or ideas


Both benching and higher wall systems have their own advantages, but low wall cubicles are a distinct office solution with a huge number of benefits. They can:

  • Create a more dynamic, collaborative work environment
  • Provide a sense of space so that employees feel like they have their own customizable workspace
  • Keep your workers from feeling isolated or claustrophobic
  • Allow employees to see and talk to each other while seated or standing
  • Foster teamwork, productivity and creativity
  • Carry voice or data cabling and power


By purchasing your low wall office workstation from Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can take advantage of the fact that we offer incredible benefits to companies looking to create their ideal workspace. While the straightforward design of our low wall cubicles will allow you to assemble these spaces yourself, our goal is to make sure you have the perfect layout for your specific needs. That’s why we offer complimentary floor plan designs — we want everything to be arranged to your exact specifications.

This service is only one of the ways we set ourselves apart from our competition. Other benefits you’ll find when you work with Arnold’s Office Furniture include:

  • Variety: We carry a range of shapes, colors and layouts to maximize your open plan office space.
  • Modern, attractive designs: These low cubicles are far cry from the bland ones you’re used to.
  • Affordability: Our products are half the cost of those from competing office furniture brands.
  • Customization: You can reconfigure as needed.
  • Transportable solutions: Our low cubicles can move with you if you need to relocate at any point.


If you’re ready to maximize productivity and give your workers the space they need to continue delivering stellar work, we invite you to contact Arnold’s Office Furniture for your free quote. Once you experience our selection of premium office furniture and top-notch customer service, you’ll see why our line of products is used in Fortune 500 offices around the world.