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In business for 89 years since 1929, Arnold’s Office Furniture provides medium and large businesses with modern, cost effective workstations that keeps your office beaming.

Most recently, Arnold’s has transcended the office furniture industry to become the sole distributor of the revolutionary Sunline® Sliding Cubicle series. These beauties are The Future of Cubicles.  The ability to build walls with no tools by simply sliding different style panels in and out of the anodized aluminum connector posts has never been available in North America — until now!

Durable yet light-weight, these unique cubicles are available in many size, height, color, and finish combinations, and are extremely flexible.  In seconds, anyone can slide out fabric panels and slide in glass for more freedom and collaboration, or vice versa for extra privacy and concentration.

The installation is so easy, anyone can do it with only a small power drill for some screws at the end when laying in the worksurfaces!  See for yourself in this short video:

We carry dozens of other lines of new office furniture, and always have access to used if necessary, but we believe you’ll see that our new workstations are just about the same cost – if not less, and offer far greater value in several different ways.

We are also accepting interest from dealers who would like to partner with us to sell Sunline from your own showroom.


Sunline Cubicle Factory


What’s known today as “Arnold’s” actually started in 1929 by Ellis Island immigrants David and Rose Norman under the name “Norman’s Stationery Company” and specialized in stationery, greeting cards, and gifts.

In 1950, their son, Arnold, joined the mix and created his own branch of the company selling office furniture.  In 1973, with the office furniture department overshadowing the stationery side, David and Rose passed the reigns onto Arnold and the company was officially renamed Arnold’s Office Furniture Inc.  For 32 years, Arnold Norman continued to improve on his business’s positive reputation as one of the best new and used office furniture suppliers in Pennsylvania.

Fast forward to 2005, when Mr. Jay Berkowitz bought Arnold’s office furniture company with the proceeds from selling a locally successful paper company he owned for 25 years, sending Arnold into peaceful retirement.

From this transaction until today, Jay and his son, Jordan, have steadfastly carried Arnold’s torch and continue to strengthen Arnold’s position as a major force in the used office furniture business by increasing sales more than 25x what they were in 2005.


Arnold’s is a nationwide provider of new and used office and systems furniture projects for medium and large businesses that offers a turnkey solution of professional services from space planning and design to delivery and installation.  We are a one stop shop that can provide a seamless move into your new office.  We do it all so you don’t have to.

Whether a business is looking for cubicles, open plan options, or private offices, our sales experts and CAD designers are ready and willing to consult with you and your project managers to create the most efficient floor plan for your office space.  

Once the space planning and design are done and furniture selection are complete, a select crew will then deliver and install the ENTIRE PROJECT in a timely manner, leaving you with a clean, comfortable, productive workspace so that your business can continue its growth.


All of us here at Arnold’s and Sunline look forward to working with your business on your larger office space projects and are available to help point smaller projects in the right direction, too!

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