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The absence of doors that provide privacy is a drawback to many cubicle systems. Our office cubicles with sliding doors for sale can resolve this dilemma for your workforce. Arnold’s Office Furniture is your one-stop headquarters for these revolutionary furnishings that add value to your work environment.

Applications And Benefits Of Cubicles With Sliding Doors

These office dividers with doors are an excellent choice for busy offices with lots of foot traffic and limited floor space. Because the doors slide open instead of swinging outward, you won’t have to worry about creating obstacles for people walking down aisles or hallways.

If you’re currently using cubicles without doors, your workers most likely have to endure noise and unexpected visits from coworkers. Our cubes with doors can reduce distractions and discourage people from dropping in unannounced.

The added privacy can also make your workers more productive, as they can concentrate on their tasks instead of what’s going on around them.

About Our Options For Cubicles With Doors For Sale

Arnold’s is the exclusive distributor of the highly advanced Sunline sliding cubicle. These modular systems are easy to set up and reconfigure, offering maximum flexibility for offices with evolving needs.

We offer frosted sliding door cubes in two sizes — 6’x6′ by 65″ high and 8’x6′ by 65″ high. The 35-inch door width of both options can accommodate workers with wheelchairs, ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our office cubicles with doors also include file cabinets, wardrobe cabinets and sit-stand desks to enhance functionality and make your workers more comfortable. Available colors include charcoal, light gray and blue, and we’ll be happy to discuss custom options.

Why Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture?

Arnold’s has been a leading office furniture industry pioneer since 1929. Our expert design team can help you create the ideal layout for your work environment, maximizing productivity and optimizing available space. Our affordable pricing is perfect for Fortune 500 companies and other high-volume purchasers looking to furnish an entire floor for one or more facilities.

We can deliver our furniture anywhere in the U.S. and internationally, depending on order size. We’ll also take care of the entire cubicle installation process, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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