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Here at Arnold’s Office Furniture, we give you the ability to build your own cubicle. And we don’t mean we’ll send you the tools and hardware to put it together yourself (that stuff we’ll do for you!).

By using our build your own cubicle tool, you can customize the type of cubicle you’d like in your offices. Our tool allows you to choose from three factors: height, footprint and color. This gives you the option to take into account your present floorplan and choose a cubicle that will best suit you and your workers’ needs.

To choose these factors, take a look at the grey bar on the left of the screen. Click on one of them to customize further. For instance, click on height to set your preference for 41, 53, or 65 inches tall. Then, move down through the next two factors and click on your preferences so you can get an idea of what the custom desk you want — shown on the screen — will look like.

How to Design a Cubicle for Your Office

As a leading office cubicle manufacturer, Arnold’s can help you implement and choose a cubicle design to suit your office’s environment. You may be asking yourself which dimensions fit best for the role of your workers, what shape is most ergonomic for them, and what cubicle will best increase productivity.

Our Sunline sliding cubicles are able to be modified to best suit your needs. They can be configured based on:


Understanding the work an employee is doing in their cubicle is essential when choosing a panel height. Does their job require teamwork and collaboration? Or does it require concentration and privacy?

Our cubicle panels come in three sizes, as well as a fourth size made only for our private cubicle in a larger footprint. The three sizes available are:

  • Low, 41-inch wall height — The lower the panel height, the greater the ability for collaboration. This partition height offers all-around visibility whether you’re sitting or standing.
  • Medium, 53-inch wall height — This panel height stacks two layers of glass or solid paneling material, allowing workers privacy while seated, but is low enough that you can see over it while standing.
  • High, 65-inch wall height — By stacking three layers of paneling or glass on the partition, this taller wall height gives employees more privacy and noise containment.


The color scheme your cubicles take directly influences your workers’ attitude and efficiency. Cubicles colored white, grey, or black are a good way to suck the energy out of a room, but coloring them a certain hue can do the opposite.

We’ve studied and come up with three colors that are the most conducive to a productive environment:

  • Green — You may want to consider going green in your office in more ways than one! Adding a soothing green color scheme to your office will facilitate a creative environment, and we predict we’ll be seeing it a lot more in offices everywhere.
  • Blue — Accenting your work environment with a blue hue is a good way to ensure your workers don’t get the blues. A cool blue shade is calming and promotes comfort.
  • Purple — Although it seems like an outlier, purple is noted for encouraging collaboration and teamwork. It may seem a bit ostentatious for a corporate work environment, but certain hues can be less bright and appear rich and professional.


A cubicle’s footprint refers to the square footage it takes up once it’s built. Because offices come in all sizes, we carry cubicles in all sizes as well. Our large selection of footprints ensures you get the size that’s right for your office. Our sizing selection includes:

  • 4 by 2 feet and 5 by 2 feet — Used in call centers and telemarketing
  • 5 by 5 feet — Smaller, used for interns or as a breakout desk station
  • 6 by 6 feet — Standard size used across many industries and departments
  • 6 by 8 feet — Another standard size that adds a few feet for extra desk space
  • 8 by 8 feet — Spacious desk for management or staff with many computer screens or equipment
  • 9 by 12 feet — Enclosed cubicle with private doors perfect for management or executives

Why Sunline?

Arnold’s Office Furniture is the sole distributor of Sunline cubicles. Sunline cubicles feature a modern design and are very flexible. They’re easily assembled and come in many sizes. They’re as much as half the cost of other leading workstations and are used by notable Fortune 500 companies internationally, such as Amazon, Panasonic and American Airlines.

We are based in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, near King of Prussia, but we can deliver and install our cubicle systems across America.

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