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Every office worker knows the importance of a quality office chair. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is hard enough, but doing it in an uncomfortable chair can be downright agonizing. Improve the happiness and productivity of your employees by providing comfortable, ergonomic office chairs.

Office chairs support employees sitting behind monitors, desks, conference tables and more. Often, you can tell how much a company values its employees by observing the overall quality and condition of seats in the workplace. Regardless of the task at hand, having appropriate office chairs for workers is key to job satisfaction, excellent posture and long-term health.

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we keep your options open with office chairs in various colors, styles, shapes and sizes. We can help you build a strong company culture with products featuring rolling wheels, armrests, backrests and more. Set your staff up for success with the ability to order office chairs in bulk.

Types of Office Chairs 

Having enough seats for employees is important, but the types of chairs must also have the right features to suit job descriptions. Whether the chairs are for break rooms or cubicle setups, you’ll want to consider how long an individual will be sitting in a particular spot. By browsing our listings, you can discover more about intended use, lumbar settings, materials and padding.

Arnold’s keeps the selection process simple by organizing our office chairs into the following categories:

  • Armless chairs
  • Conference room chairs
  • Desk chairs
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Executive chairs
  • High-back chairs
  • Mesh chairs
  • Office Stools
  • Reception chairs
  • Stackable chairs
  • Training chairs

Armless Chairs

Plastic chair options are great for giving interviewees a place to sit while they wait.

Desk Chairs

Offer comfortable office seating to support your employees as they work from their desks. Wheels, backs and armrests help your employees focus on work and reinforce healthy office habits. 

Ergonomic Chairs

This chair type is well-rounded for office work and suitable for numerous body shapes. Ergonomic builds are versatile with tilt and angle adjusters, applying to several office spaces, from desks to conference tables.

Executive Chairs

Rolling-style chairs will impress clients and investors with luxurious leather materials. Chrome accents on the bases and armrests subtly showcase class and elegance.

High-back Chairs

Office chairs to encourage correct posture. Arnold’s high-back chairs include selections with comfortable headrests and backrests for back and neck support throughout the workday.

Mesh Chairs

Lightweight chairs for desks and tables. Many mesh chairs have wheels and backing engineered for ventilation.

Stackable Chairs

Ideal for training events and short-term seating. Businesses can store products in closets or spare rooms and bring them out as needed.

Rolling Chairs

Rolling office chairs are the best choice for desks because they’re adjustable and supportive. If you’re searching for high-quality office chairs, our selection of rolling chairs offers variety in back heights, arm options, colors and more. 

Some of our rolling chairs also feature economical designs that work well for training spaces and other temporary uses.

Stationary Chairs

Stationary chairs are excellent options for break rooms and training spaces. Our stationary chair options also include lounge chairs for office décor, waiting rooms and lounging areas.

Considerations When Buying Office Chairs 

When preparing to buy office chairs, you can help find the best match for your spaces and employees by considering all the factors that go into chair design and function, including: 

  • Height and size: Your office chairs should thoroughly support your employees as they work. Adjustable heights can allow them to sit comfortably anywhere in the office, catering to table height and leg length. When searching for chairs, consider the size as well. Seat depth can accommodate different body types. The backrest height can ensure that your tall employees have back support, and adjustable armrests can optimize comfort.   
  • Lumbar support: Lumbar support can help prevent lower back pain and discomfort while promoting strong posture. Search for a chair that contours naturally to the shape of the spine. 
  • Material and color: Office chairs can help create a specific aesthetic for your workspaces. Choose colors that complement your office and add to the space. Material can increase your employee’s comfort as they work. Mesh or fabric options are excellent for keeping your employees happy as they complete daily tasks. Consider a material that matches your visual elements and is easy to maintain and clean. 
  • Purpose: Workplace seating spans several unique office environments. From the break room to conference spaces, chairs can help create different moods and serve other functions. Desk chairs can support long hours of work in the same space, while wheeled chairs with armrests can create an area open for collaboration in meeting rooms. Search for unique chairs for all needs, including reception and training. 

Nationwide Furniture Deliveries And Chair Assembly Services

Thinking about ordering chairs from Arnold’s? We are happy to deliver our products nationwide to make moving to a new location as smooth as possible. Our experts perform a detailed inspection of your purchase to ensure bulk orders arrive in the correct styles and quantities.

Forget about handling screws, nuts and bolts with our White Glove installation services. For an additional fee, Arnold’s will send out trained technicians to assemble your office chairs, saving you time and energy.

Trust Arnold’s for High-Quality Office Chairs in Bulk

Arnold’s Office Furniture sells ergonomic office chairs for productivity on the job. If your company is expanding, opening up new locations or needs updated furniture, our products serve as perfect solutions for all industries. With various options in each category, you are sure to find the perfect office chairs for sale from our selection. With multiple colors and configurations, our choices can help you create an office space that supports your employee’s comfort and workflow.

Our office chairs are great accessories to many other office equipment, from desks to cubicles. We will help pair you with flexible cubicle options to find options that will fit your office space, whether you are opening a new location or simply redecorating. 

If you need assistance or have questions, Arnold’s has a full sales and design team available 24/7 to guide you through floor plan layouts and more. Give Arnold’s a call at (866) 781-5687 or fill out our contact form to get started today!