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Every office worker knows the importance of a quality office chair. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is hard enough, but doing it in an uncomfortable chair can be downright agonizing. Improve the happiness and productivity of your employees by providing comfortable, ergonomic office chairs.

Office chairs provide support when sitting behind monitors, desks, conference tables and more. Often times, you can tell how much a company values its employees by observing the overall quality and condition of seats in the workplace. Regardless of the task at hand, having appropriate office chairs for workers is key to job satisfaction, excellent posture and long-term health.

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we keep your options open with office chairs in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes. We can help you build a strong company culture with products featuring rolling wheels, armrests, backrests and more. Set your staff up for success with the ability to order office chairs in bulk.


Having enough seats for employees is important, but the types of chairs must also have the right features to suit job descriptions. Whether the chairs are for break rooms or cubicle setups, you’ll want to consider how long an individual will be sitting in a particular spot. By browsing our listings, you can discover more about intended use, lumbar settings, materials and padding.

Arnold’s keeps the selection process simple by organizing our office chairs into the following categories:

  • Mesh chairs: Lightweight chairs for desks and tables. A number of mesh chairs have wheels and backing engineered for ventilation.
  • High-back chairs: Office chairs to encourage correct posture. High-back chairs from Arnold’s have backrests and headrests for 40 hour work weeks behind a desk.
  • Executive chairs: Rolling-style chairs equipped with luxurious materials such as leather. Armrests and bases showcase chrome accents.
  • Ergonomic chairs: Well-rounded office chairs for numerous body shapes. Ergonomic builds are versatile for desks and conference tables with tilt and angle adjusters.
  • Stackable chairs: Ideal for training events and short-term seating. Businesses can store products in closets or spare rooms and bring them out as needed.
  • Armless chairs: Plastic chair options great for giving interviewees a place to sit while they wait.
  • Conference room chairs: Elegant rolling-style seats with arms that fit under tables for meetings and presentations.
  • Reception chairs: Seating for reception areas and main entryways.


Buying new office chairs in bulk is one of the best ways to rejuvenate multiple floors across your commercial space. Your employees spend hours sitting each day, so there is a good chance your current setup is showing signs of wear and tear. Alleviate back pain and boost your corporate image by giving your employees the investments they deserve.

We supply office furniture and chairs in modern colors to add an all-new life to areas in need of attention. From mesh chairs with orange padding to sleek gray and black upholstery, no one transforms your office better than Arnold’s.

Ordering new office desk chairs is an effective way to show clients and potential customers that your company is thriving and here to stay. You’ll be amazed at the impact that new chairs can have in high-traffic areas, especially when you add our cubiclesdesks and carpeting to your order.


Thinking about ordering chairs from Arnold’s? We are happy to deliver our products nationwide to make moving to a new location as smooth as possible. Our experts perform a detailed inspection of your purchase to ensure bulk orders arrive in the correct styles and quantities.

Forget about handling screws, nuts and bolts with our White Glove installation services. For an additional fee, Arnold’s will send out trained technicians to assemble your office chairs, saving you time and energy.


Arnold’s Office Furniture sells ergonomic desk and office chairs for productivity on the job. If your company is expanding, opening up new locations or needs updated furniture, our products serve as perfect solutions for all industries. If you need assistance or have questions, Arnold’s has a full sales and design team available 24/7 to guide you through floor plan layouts and more.

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