The Ergo Plus

The Ergo Plus

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The Ergo Plus

SKU: 105

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WOW! This brand new multi-functional Ergo Plus chair really does have it all and at an amazing price. Ergonomic plus office chairs promote good posture and long-term spine health while keeping you comfortable and looking good for the office. 

Let’s cut the small talk and get right into it.


  • Memory foam seat cushions
  • Leatherette composite headrest
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Gel adjustable arms
  • Upgraded casters
  • Modern mesh back
  • 360 degree swivel action
  • Heavy-duty base with hard molded seat structure, pneumatic lift cylinder, tension lock and tilt control
  • Height adjustable from being 42″ to 48″
  • Custom colors available!

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Ergo Plus Office Chair Features

Arnold’s Office takes comfort to the next level with the Ergo Plus Office Chair. You can help your employees visit their happy place with memory foam that contours to their shape and evenly distributes body weight for maximum comfort. The Ergo Plus also swivels, lifts and tilts so your team can find their perfect angle for safe and effortless computer work.

Adjustable lumbar and arm support can take the edge off the 9-to-5 experience and leave employees refreshed for the next day. Plus, a modern mesh back and thick gel cushioning on the arms help this chair promote tension-free productivity. A leatherette composite headrest cradles the head and neck to complete the experience.

Benefits of Ergonomic Plus Office Chairs

The Ergonomic Plus office chair is an investment in the future of employee health and satisfaction in the workplace. There are numerous benefits to furnishing an office with ergonomic seating: 

  • Psychological health: When you invest in your employees, they’ll invest in you. Showing your team that you care about them with high-quality furniture can build morale.
  • Musculoskeletal health: You can help prevent injury to the spine and improve vision by providing employees with furniture that positions them at the computer properly.
  • Competitive advantage: Ergonomic office furniture and a healthy work environment can help you attract your industry’s best and brightest new talent. 

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Note on customized orders: 45 day lead time + 50 chair minimum order

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