Office Furniture in San Antonio

Office Furniture in San Antonio

Arnold’s Office Furniture will cover your office furnishing and redesign project from ideation to execution. We’ll advise, project-manage, space optimize, deliver and install new office furniture in and around San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in furnishing medium and large businesses to save you money.

Whether you’re relocating to San Antonio or building an office from scratch, bring us on board! We can help you weigh your options between open office plan furniture and some not-so-traditional office cubicles. Our goal is full service, high quality and low cost. Whether you’re furnishing an office near San Antonio, Seguin, Boerne or New Braunfels, Arnold’s has you covered in the Alamo City!

Our Office Furniture Options for Businesses in San Antonio, Texas

Our collection of affordable office furniture puts the fun in functional. Everything from our cubicles to our lounge furniture is anything but ordinary. Let us give your workstations a head-to-toe makeover with the following business office furniture delivered to your San Antonio location:

Sunline Office Cubicle Systems

If you need office cubicles in San Antonio, we have you covered. Cubicles may have been all the rage in the 1960s, but you haven’t seen cubicles until you’ve seen the Sunline system. This new take on a workstation staple will instantly transform your San Antonio office into the modern, functional workspace your team needs.

With Sunline cubicles, your employees get the perfect blend of privacy and easy access to their co-workers. Everyone on your team gets a space to call their own and personalize to their heart’s content. Some options even have doors to create instant private office spaces.

The genius of the Sunline system is in its modular design. It cuts installation time from four hours with a standard cubicle to just one hour with a Sunline cubicle. The sliding panels can be arranged and rearranged with only your bare hands. Swap out privacy panels for windows or lower, raise and even remove the dividers as needed. Change your whole office layout whenever your staff needs a change of pace, adds new team members or restructures. Workstation accessories like overhead storage, file cabinets, monitor arms and sit-stand desks simply slide into place.

Desk Chairs

Chairs are a surprisingly important part of the office environment. Your employees will likely spend most of their time sitting in their desk chairs, day in and day out for years to come. No one likes an uncomfortable chair, so choosing the right one is critical. We have a fantastic collection of ergonomic desk chairs for cubicles and the top floor offices alike. Choose from mesh back, leather and cloth chairs to keep your whole staff sitting pretty.

Reception and Lounge Furnishings

Your lobby is the first thing guests, clients and new employees will witness upon arrival at your San Antonio location. Meanwhile, the employee lounge sets the tone for your entire office culture. Your lounge furniture must blend style and comfort to leave the right impressions. We offer reception and lounge furniture to match the no-nonsense, high-end aesthetic and the whimsical, contemporary office space alike.

Office Design Considerations in San Antonio

Office Design Considerations in San Antonio

As you explore the latest office furniture trends in San Antonio, Texas, here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your new office:

1. Functionality

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including real estate. You can buy a lot more square footage with the same amount of cash in San Antonio than you can in some of the country’s tightly packed coastal cities. This extra elbow room lets office design for San Antonio businesses incorporate more private and public spaces.

Surveys show mostly open office spaces with on-demand privacy score highest in workplace effectiveness and workplace experience. In other words, your employees are happiest and most productive when they have solitude when they need it and collaborative environments when they want them. Incorporate this need into your office by giving your employees sound-dampening cubicles that offer privacy and collaboration through their adjustable partitions. You might also reserve some open office plan furniture for collaborative meeting and lounge spaces.

2. Comfort

Workplace comfort is a huge priority for office design in San Antonio. Besides comfortable chairs and personal space, air quality plays a significant role in your team’s ability to feel productive and relaxed at work. According to the San Antonio government, Bexar County is exceeding ozone standards for air quality. And in the summer, when temperatures can average 96 degrees, functioning air conditioning is vital. As you plan all your office furniture in San Antonio, don’t forget to think about heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for your office design.

A well-designed system will keep the air free of lung irritants and at a comfortable temperature. One of the latest trends in office comfort is integrated thermostats for individual workstations. These give employees some control over the temperature at their desk, so your team members can feel comfortable regardless of their neighbors’ preferences.

3. Outdoor Spaces

One of the latest office design trends in San Antonio and beyond is incorporating more outdoor space, which is great news for this sunny, southern Texas city. Spending time outdoors, catching a little sun and breathing fresh air can improve work satisfaction, employee wellness and even productivity. Jump on this trend by giving your office some outdoor dining and lounge space. You might even consider some shady outdoor meeting spaces.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in the San Antonio Area?

We’re not just a furniture store. We’re a project-based service. Our design expertise lets us turn your empty floor plan into a fully furnished workplace your employees enjoy working in. Arnold’s has successfully designed and installed hundreds of office furniture projects across the country. We don’t send out a one-off chair or a single desk. We provide whole-office solutions, even when you need hundreds of modular cubicles, open plan benches and other office furnishings for new builds and office renovations throughout San Antonio, Texas, and nationwide.

We make it simple to find, buy and set up the furniture you want for your office. We’ll help design your layout, make product recommendations and even do office furniture installation in San Antonio.

Our process follows three easy steps:

Step 1 — Chat With Us About Your Office Furniture Project

Whether you’ve found something you like or want recommendations, request your free quote online or by calling us at 610-272-2050. You’ll instantly connect with an Arnold’s product expert who will talk through your goals and needs until you arrive at the products right for your floorplan, timeline and budget. Want to see what you’re buying before you agree to a large-scale project? We’ll fly you out from San Antonio to browse our showroom just outside Philadelphia!

Step 2 — Let Us Work Our Magic With Complimentary Design Services

Once you’ve chosen the perfect furniture for your workspace, your dedicated project manager will hand your selections over to our professional in-house CAD designers. You’ll receive unlimited free space-optimizing designs until we find the configuration to best fit your space and make your team most productive. Our design team ensures everything fits just right and looks just how you want it. We remove all the guesswork for a smooth installation.

Step 3 — You Say the Word, and We Deliver Directly to Your San Antonio Location

Once we agree on a design and confirm your order, our skilled logistics team will safely gather and pack your furniture from our warehouse. Our distribution experts will arrange for smooth delivery and plan around your building’s loading dock and delivery conditions. When your furniture arrives, our professional installation crew will complete the job exactly how you want it. We offer complete office cubicle installation in San Antonio and around the country. Through the whole process, we’re just a quick phone call or email away!

Get Modern Office Furniture in San Antonio From Arnold's Office Furniture

Get Modern Office Furniture in San Antonio From Arnold’s Office Furniture

Ready to design the office of your dreams? We are, too. Furnish your entire office from cubicles and open plan workstations to the front desk and the board room with Arnold’s Office Furniture. To get started, connect with us online or browse our furniture products for yourself.