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Discover how to choose the right office furniture for your workspace and everything else needed to redesign your office or design a new workspace. Read our complete office design guide today!

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Arnold's Office Furniture has sold desks and more for over 90 years. Check out our collection of open office desks and benching systems, and get in touch with us when you're ready to upgrade the look and functionality of your space.

Walk into today’s modern office and chances are you’ll see a wide-open space filled with plenty of people. Open-concept office desks make it easy for coworkers to collaborate, plus they give off a sleek and modern vibe. With added benefits like more surface area and better light, it’s no wonder open workstations delight employees with their friendly, collegiate vibe.

Arnold’s Is Proud to Offer Sunline

Arnold’s Office Furniture is the sole distributor of Sunline office furnishings. We carry a wide selection of open-plan office desks and benching systems, plus cubicles, standing desks, full-office suites and more. Check out Sunline’s quality and competitive pricing, and you’ll see why we’re excited! If you’re buying open office furniture, Sunline will take your space to the next level.

Our team can equip your office with the following selections:

  • Benching systems and desking systems. Do you want rows of long tables without storage or desks with storage? At Arnold’s, you can have both! These sleek furnishings are a great mix of form and function.
  • Quad plans that keep your favorite foursomes together. Keep team members collaborative when you place them together in a quad format. With plenty of storage and surface area, your employees will have everything they need to remain productive.
  • Standing desks that are perfect for your open office. Give your employees a choice! Arnold’s carries open-plan office desks with built-in standing surfaces.

Choose Your Style

When you shop at Arnold’s, you can say goodbye to the days of identical gray metal desks. We’re taking the office decor game to the next level with Sunline. You’ll love that our office furniture looks modern and fun, and in a variety of finishes and colors.

Arnold’s Office Furniture makes it easy to:

  • Change your office’s vibe with desks in a variety of traditional and fun colors
  • Move furnishings with office desks and tables equipped with wheels
  • Keep things looking clean with designs that hide cords and other messy bundles
  • Afford everything you need, with lower prices and complimentary design services

Types of Open-Office Workstations

Open plan offices are not one-size-fits-all. Having access to workstation options can help you design an office area that suits your unique needs. There are two main categories of our open-plan office furniture for sale — benching systems and modular workstations.

Benching Systems

These modern desk arrangements use long tables to accommodate several employees at once. Many of our open-plan benching systems feature built-in storage for each seat, and every system creates an open seating environment for collaboration and communication.

These systems are ideal for creating a clean, streamlined look in your office. Unlike other table styles, benching systems can fit multiple employees in a spot that may only accommodate a single cubicle. If you’re working with a small office space and a growing workforce, benching systems are an ideal choice.

Modular Workstations

Modular workstations are configurable table layouts you can adapt to your space. These open-office workstations may include benching systems or quad-style desks for building an open and collaborative work environment for your team.

Optimize your space with straight, L-shaped and U-shaped models. Adjustable heights and optional partitions also give your employees the freedom to customize their work area. With plenty of sizes and colors available, your company can find the ideal modular workstations for your unique space.

Leave Design to the Experts at Arnold’s Office Furniture

If you’re like most procurement pros then you probably don’t have time to design an office layout that maximizes space, looks good and doesn’t cost too much. That’s where Arnold’s comes in! When you shop with us, you’ll get a great selection of open-concept office furniture — as well as free design services.

Arnold’s Office Furniture offers incredible value, and is a one-stop-shop, since we offer delivery and installation for your furnishings. That’s why we’ve been a premier supplier of office furnishings for over 90 years! Ask any of our Fortune 500 clients and you’ll find that they’re satisfied with our products and service.

Shop for Open Concept Office Desks at Arnold’s Office Furniture Today

With a huge selection of everything you need to make your office a comfortable place to work, it’s no wonder we’re the premier choice for businesses across the country. Get in touch with us and let us help you plan the perfect open office space today!


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