5 Design Tips to Create an Inspiring Office Space

Office Space Design

We all understand the importance of the space we spend time in, and we know that in order to be happy and productive, we should feel comfortable in a room. When it comes to our homes, things are a bit easier: we can arrange and rearrange things any way we like, but when it comes to offices, things are a bit more complicated. Instead of just trying to make it comfy, you should aim to make your office space inspiring as well. Here are five ways to do that:

1 – Get some plants

Plants for your office

It would be perfect if you and every other employee in your office could have a window that overlooks a beautiful park, but sadly, it isn’t always possible. It is possible, however, to bring outdoors straight to your office by opting to have several strategically placed plants in the room. You can have a couple of big ones in the corners and near the windows so they can get plenty of natural light, and you can keep a small pot with a couple of succulents or cacti on your desk. Not only do plants make the room come to life, but they have a soothing effect as well, which means that you’ll find it easier to deal with everyday stress.

2 – Add more color

Color for your office

We spend approximately 8 hours there (sometimes even more), and it’s important for that space to be inviting. By choosing the right colors for your office, you can influence the way you and other employees feel. You should pick the perfect color scheme for your office to help you turn your boring old office into a colorful oasis of peace. Blue and green hues are very calming and are best used in areas where you and your employees spend some quiet time, while red and yellow hues can help spark creativity and inspire some truly amazing ideas.

3 – Find adaptable furniture

Ergonomic Furniture

While it’s true that you should be comfortable, you don’t want to turn your office into your living room, do you? You should definitely look for the most comfortable furniture but keep in mind the fact that you’ll be spending long hours sitting in front of the computer or in meetings, so try to find ergonomic pieces which will be great for your health.

4 – Create different zones

Adaptable Work Area

Some people find it best to work while communicating with others and exchanging ideas with them in real time, while others need quiet workspaces in order to do their best work. To accommodate both groups, you should have areas where people can meet and talk about their ideas and projects, but also quiet areas where they can come to think about a task that’s been bothering them.

5 – Details that matter

Office Decor

To truly feel like you belong somewhere, you should make that space reflect who you are. Encourage your employees to decorate their cubicles and offices with little art pieces such as nice paintings or photos, and place motivational quote posters on the walls. This will make everyone feel more at ease and remind them why they’re here even when the day is tough.

For a very long time we believed that everything an office needs is a desk, a computer, and a phone, but fortunately, these times are long gone. Today we understand that office spaces should motivate and inspire us to be more productive and effective, and there are many different ways we can do that. Keep an eye on new trends, but don’t forget to listen to your inner voice too – you alone know what works and what just looks good.

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