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At Arnold's Office Furniture, we understand the importance of making a good impression on clients and other office visitors. Employees sit at their desks for at least eight hours per day, so you'll want to ensure they have comfortable, practical office desks they'll love. We have a wide selection of affordable office desks to boost productivity and work with your office aesthetic. 

Why Buy Office Desks From Arnold’s? 

A desk is essential for communicating your brand identity and supporting your daily business functions. When you shop at Arnold’s Office Furniture, you’ll have a wide selection of office desks to choose from. Our desks can fit seamlessly into your entire office furniture design to provide modern solutions for modern needs. 

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we sell ergonomic desks to fit the workstation to each team member’s needs. By keeping maximum comfort and productivity in mind from design to construction, ergonomic office furniture eliminates the need to continually adjust furniture. Arnold’s wide selection of ergonomic office desks promotes proper posture and productivity. 

Poor posture leads to headaches and musculoskeletal pain. Having a high-quality office desk and chair is crucial for preventing physical pain and employee burnout. Studies demonstrate that upright posture promotes positive feelings while reducing fatigue and depressive symptoms. The best office desks reduce employees’ pain and increase happiness, leading to increased productivity. 

At Arnold’s, we understand office desks need to be versatile, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our desks come in various styles and customizable options that will help you maximize storage, foster efficient collaboration and work with your company’s computer and IT systems. 

Our Options for Office Desks  

An office desk makes a statement about your identity and can help you be more productive at work. At Arnold’s, we have office desks for sale to make a statement and fit your IT and organizational needs. 

  • Customizable desks: We offer a wide selection of adaptable office desks to fit the modern office. Our ergonomic office desks for sale allow you to add attachments and customize your office your way. 
  • Various shapes and sizes: Our desks come in different shapes and sizes for every office environment. Maximize your office space by fitting corner L- and U-shaped desks into corners and other frequently underused areas of your office. 
  • Multiple styles: You will love the array of available colors, materials and looks to blend with any office aesthetic. We offer timelessly classic and modern options to satisfy all office environments. 

Find the Perfect Desk for Your Office 

Our commercial office desks are perfect for the modern office. They boost productivity by providing maximum comfort, and you’ll find a wide range of styles to match your office layout. 

Standing Desks 

As previously mentioned, proper posture is crucial to decrease pain and increase productivity. If you’ve ever spent an eight-hour workday at a traditional office desk, you’ve probably experienced fatigue, aches and pains at the end of each day. Human beings did not evolve to sit for long periods without movement. However, employees often have tight deadlines and may be too busy to remember to take breaks. 

Modern standing office desks improve productivity by keeping employees’ blood pumping. These desks alleviate the neck, back and joint pain that accompanies sitting for long hours and helps employees stay productive by keeping active at work. Standing desks also encourage productivity, as employees already standing have an easier time moving from workstation to workstation.

Start by standing for 30 minutes a day or whenever it feels comfortable and natural. A standing desk will help your employees gradually move away from a sedentary lifestyle and lower their risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Plus, they’ll feel more comfortable, happier and more productive. 

Executive Desks

If you’re a company executive, you probably spend long hours at your desk. Your desk should reflect your job’s importance and leave a positive impression during meetings with clients and employees. However, your executive office desk station should also maximize storage and efficiency. Management deals with many moving parts, and your office desk system must keep up. 

Arnold’s sleek, elegant LA Executive Office Desk System includes a leather and veneer cover, a cabinet with a lock and space for a computer tower, side cabinets, a wardrobe bookcase with a closet and a modesty panel. The unit’s components are easily moveable and customizable to give you command of your workspace and keep your office organized. Or, choose the Sunline LZ Executive Desk for a management desk that matches your existing office furniture.  

Corner L-Shaped and U-Shaped Desks 

The standard office desk requires a traditional office layout. A corner L- or U-shaped desk maximizes space and allows for unique, modern office configurations. Your desk should fit seamlessly with your office design while boosting productivity and organization. 

Our Kingsburg Mahogany U-Shaped Desk includes an overhead container and durable mahogany, light cherry or espresso finish to keep looking professional for years. For a more modern look, try Sunline’s High-Tech Office Ultra Modern Desk. This U-shaped desk allows you easy access to meet with clients while still keeping a separate project space. Maximize storage space with a wardrobe, filing space and two overhead cabinets. You’ll have room to keep all technology and paperwork at this modern office desk workstation. 

Call Center Desks

Commercial call center and telemarketing desks keep your employees engaged, reach potential clients better and increase revenue. Modern office desks and cubicles can help employees do their work efficiently and effectively. When selecting a call center desk system, you should consider how your company operates.

If your employees frequently collaborate, a multiple-person cubicle might be the best option. On the other hand, single modular cubicles might be the better fit for independent work. You’ll also want to ensure your call center desk system has room for hiding telephone and computer wires, giving your desk a clean, organized appearance. 

The Sunline Sliding Cubicle Office Desk Station is perfect for office workers searching to balance collaboration and independent, focused work. These cubicle desk systems have a modern design and come with optional accessories to optimize your telemarketing operations. For smaller office environments, try the Clover Call Center. This compact workstation will give you the best-quality call center desk solution for your budget. 

WorkWall Desks 

If you’re looking for highly customizable, affordable office desk solutions, Arnold’s has you covered. Our custom modular WorkWall desks provide functionality and style for the modern office. You can customize desk size, attachments and the desk’s colors and style to ensure your new office desk works with your existing office environment. We offer two highly affordable WorkWall office desk options, including the Modern Desk and Credenza Set and the L-Shaped Modern White Office Desk. 

Create a Healthier Workspace With Arnold’s 

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we understand the importance of your employees’ health. Healthy and happy employees are more productive and miss fewer days of work. Arnold’s is creating healthier workspaces with our cubicle and office desk solutions. Our 8′ x 8′ Sunline office cubicles come with 83″ high partitions and are the perfect size to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses. We even offer fully enclosed floor-to-ceiling cubicles that allow employees to work in a private space while practicing social distancing. 

Arnold’s can help you revitalize your office environment with new office desks. We have more than 90 years of experience serving customers in creating efficient office spaces. Our services include design, delivery and installation and customizable Sunline products you can use for years. Contact us today for a quote!