5 Ways You Can Boost Productivity with the Right Workplace Arrangement

Ways to Boost Productivity

Staff satisfaction levels are essential to the smooth functioning of any company. They are reflected in productivity, which relates to the amount of work that gets done in a day. Naturally, when your employees are more relaxed and focused on the job, the outcomes will be more favorable as well. But creating the appropriate space for this to happen is up to you.

Designing a Productive Office

At the end of the day, it is up to you to create a prolific environment in your firm and ensure that your staff is always on top of their game delivering the best possible results. Here are five ways in which you can boost employee production capacity by making the right workplace arrangement choices.


1.      Get Ergonomic Furniture

Ergo Chair

Although working in an office isn’t a risky profession at its core, there are many health impediments that develop after spending long hours in an uncomfortably sitting down and staring at a computer screen. Eye and headaches are a big problem, and so is the onset of chronic back pain. These issues lower capacity, leaving workers feeling even more stressed.


This is why the ideal arrangement to boost productivity needs to be equipped with ergonomic chairs, properly aligned desks, and screen protection. If you’ve got the budget for it, you can also bring in some standing stations for those employees who want to switch it up from time to time.


2.      Install Proper Lighting

Although it might not seem like a crucial detail, having proper lighting in the office is essential for productivity levels. For one, it helps protects workers’ eyes and makes screens easier to look at. In addition, it naturally energizes everyone, creating a positive atmosphere that encourages and sustains a prolific environment.

If you’re up for a serious investment, going all out and equipping the fixtures with proper bulbs is an excellent choice that will bring positive results soon enough. According to Forbes Magazine, the best ones to use are the high powered CFL daylight color balanced light bulbs, whose components mimic sunlight as closely as possible.

3.      Clear Out the Clutter

There’s nothing more distracting than a cluttered room. This means, if you want your employees to always stay on top of their game, you will need to make some serious alterations to the overall design of your office space. The first step in this direction would be removing loose wires, unnecessary papers and other files and folders you might find lying around.

To take it one step further, you can rearrange the entire area. Move desks around and aim for minimalism. There’s no need to have the walls covered in pictures, maybe just a motivational poster here and there to boost morale, but that’s it. By doing this, positive results won’t fail to appear.

4.      Bring Out the Cubicles
Charcoal Sunline Cubicles 53 High 6x6

Office cubicles are presented as a staple of corporate life ever since modern television started depicting what it’s like to perform activities in these relatively new environments. Offering your workers the chance to have some privacy while they perform their daily tasks can help their production capacity tremendously. On top of that, it makes chatting the day away with colleagues harder, which might sound rough at first, but it’s better for their results in the long run.

5.      Create a Relaxation Area

Arranging your company’s offices in such a way that the existence of a relaxation area is possible can boost productivity among your employees like never before. Most people want a space where they can breather for a bit and get away from any work-related stressors. On top of that, everyone should ideally take at least ten minutes to stretch every two hours or so.

Thus, having a break room is crucial. And the best thing about this is that it can be anything: a game area, a lunch spot or even just a place with some bean bags and a comfy couch. No matter what your decision is, your employees are bound to appreciate it, as long as it allows them to get away from the pressure they face each day.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of different elements that go into designing the perfect office space to promote productivity among staff members. First, ergonomic furniture is a must. Supportive chairs, together with aligned desks and computers make for healthier, happier employees. The way in which the entire area is lit also counts towards this.

Furthermore, a clutter-free workplace is a prolific one. And if you feel like people would benefit from a bit of privacy, don’t be afraid to bring out the cubicles. Fnally, when all else fails, everyone will appreciate a nice little relaxation area where they can eat their lunch and unwind.

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