The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

When you’re working in an office setting, chances are you’re spending a lot of time at a desk or workstation. A typical employee works about 2000 hours per year, usually working on a computer or performing office related tasks that require sitting. These desk jobs can often be detrimental to their health, especially without the right equipment. To maintain an optimal comfort level, there are a number of ergonomic solutions that can be beneficial for your work performance, as well as your health.

Ergonomic aids in avoiding injury or serious stress as it is designed in a user-friendly and flexible way, keeping an employee moving. Sitting in the same position can exert a tremendous amount of stress on your spine, which is why an increasing number of modern offices are making the switch to ergonomics.

Benefits of Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are specially designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. They provide complete rest to the most stressed body parts of the worker by reducing neck problems and back pain. The chairs come with a headrest that offers additional support for stretching and most have recliners for optimal comfort. Working in ergonomic chairs makes the work day easier, has great seat depth to support the hips, and a swivel feature so you don’t strain when trying to stand up. Tied together, ergonomic chairs and desks that are properly fitted to your style result in higher productivity.


Chairs proportionate to your height and size are essential to optimal productivity. We’re all different, and having a chair that is proportionate to your size and your computer placement will prevent excess stress to your muscles and joints. A chair designed for less exertion and fewer motions will become a solution that improves quality of work.

Next to illness, lower back pain is the highest cause for employees to miss work. Studies have indicated ergonomic solutions can increase performance levels up to 50% in terms of quality, health, and decreased absenteeism. Proper seating also boost morale and reduced fatigue.

Health Factors

From chairs to desks to executive office furniture, there are a number of health benefits associated with ergonomics. Mainly, posture support. With ergonomics, you won’t be cramped and stiff, as you’ll be able to shift positions as often as you’d like and reduce pressures on stress points. Keeping the body in a proper position will reduce the chances of injury and create a culture at the office that will benefit the organization. You won’t have a slouched back, which improves your posture.

Additionally, the trend of standing desks is on the rise, and will aid in the prevention of heart disease, carpal tunnel, thrombosis, and more health concerns. When you’re looking for a change in the office atmosphere, consider the affordable office furniture from Arnolds. We have a wide selection of used, modern, and ergonomic furniture to address the needs of all customers.

Photo credit: Herman Miller