Whetstone Case Study

Whetstone out of Doral, Florida, also known as Everest Business Funding, provides business owners with the working capital needed to grow to the next level. Whetstone has a variety of important financial tools to buy inventory, launch marketing campaigns, upgrade equipment, hire staff, make renovations, and more!  Whetstone is constantly striving to provide the best quality service. This means the environment where the employee’s work must be lively and modern which is why Esther, Whetstone’s Office Manager, came to Arnold’s Office Furniture.

Esther started her search for “new furniture that was versatile and streamlined with a minimalistic look that would provide an open-spaced work environment.”  While searching the internet, she came across the Sunline sliding cubicle which attracted her.  It’s always better to see the product in person before purchasing, so Arnold’s CEO, Jay Berkowitz, flew down to Florida and set up a cubicle in their building. This gave Esther and her team the opportunity to see and feel how flexible the Sunline system really is. Bare hands slide the panels in and out of place within seconds!

After speaking with five different office furniture companies and seeing the Sunline sliding cubicle in person, Esther decided to go with Arnold’s. She stated “The main reason we went with Arnold’s Furniture (Sunline System) was the versatility of the product.  If in the future I needed to modify a cubicle or cubicles, I would be able to do so easily with the Sunline System.”

Part of the service suite Arnold’s offers is complimentary space planning.  An Arnold’s space-planning professional worked with Esther in finalizing a plan that would best fit all the cubicles.

Overall, the installation of 130 cubicles took a total of 12 days to complete. Esther stated “When I did reach out to the project coordinators in regards to my delivery and installation, they were very professional and informative of my order and detailed all the steps involved.”

“I’ve heard nothing but great remarks about the cubicles and would further say that I am totally satisfied with the product.” – Esther 

Arnold’s enjoyed working with Whetstone and looks forward to working on more large projects with them in the future!

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