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When was the last time you visited your commercial space to assess the condition of your office seating? Professionals all over the world sit behind computer screens, conference tables, reception desks and more for over 40 hours a week. Over time, workers can experience lower back pain and fatigue across the neck and shoulders thanks to office chairs unsuitable for the job.

Treat your staff to the upgrades they deserve by placing an order for ergonomic office chairs from Arnold's. We understand the importance of quality furniture in the workplace, so we enable business owners and facility managers to optimize their surroundings. Whether your company is expanding or redesigning current setups, our selections boost productivity and eliminate distractions caused by discomfort.

What Is an Ergonomic Desk Chair?

Ergonomics refers to efficiency and how well individuals work in certain environments. An ergonomic desk chair contains additional features and optimized materials for promoting excellent posture when sitting. Humans are not all the same shape and size, so these styles make it possible for teams to set heights, tension levels and tilt angles based on preference.

Ergonomic office chairs offer incredible lumbar support and showcase elongated backs that contour to the spine. These configurations make it easier for workers to sit so back muscles can relax for hours.

Features of Adjustable Office Chairs

Arnold’s Office Furniture is proud to bring customers a variety of ergonomic chair listings. How can you tell the difference between an ergonomic and a standard chair? Some features of adjustable office furniture include:

  • Height settings: Ergonomic office chairs give you the flexibility to move between surfaces with height adjustments.
  • Tilt functions: Chairs that can lean forward and backward help employees keep their feet on the ground and hips in a comfortable position.
  • Locking mechanisms: Locking features enable workers to fasten custom settings in place. Return to your desk each day, and the office chair is exactly how you left it.
  • Armrests: Ergonomic builds always have armrests. Some models allow you to adjust height and orientation.
  • Headrests: Fully adjustable high-back office chairs have removable or built-in headrests. These are useful when reclining.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs and Mobility

Ergonomic desk chairs on our online store arrive with rolling-style wheels and 360-degree swivel. Employees can switch between computer monitors, writing surfaces and tasks effortlessly. A five-star base fastens seat assemblies together for balance and stability.

If you are unsure which ergonomic office chairs are best for your applications, our 24/7 sales team is on-call to answer questions and inquiries.

Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Employees can focus on their objectives when they are free from backaches. Lower back pain is a major distraction on the clock, but ergonomic furniture helps prevent the onset of muscle-related injuries such as arthritis and stiffness. Your staff is less likely to stay home from the office when there are supportive seats available.

When you take the time to show workers that you care for their health, expect an increase in motivation.

Advantages of Mesh and Leather Options

Ergonomic office chairs from Arnold’s come in several colors and upholsteries to match existing furniture, paint finishes and accents in commercial buildings. Selections such as the Black Leather Executive Chair and The Boss’s Executive Chair have detailed stitching for an elegant look within cubicles and conference rooms. Our genuine leather office chairs have thick layers of padding for years of comfort, and several options have chrome armrests that catch the eye.

Mesh office chairs are widely popular in the modern era, so we have breathable choices to keep departments cool. Some of our best selling mesh chairs are perfect for summer months and hot climates:

Deliveries and Installation Services for Adjustable Chairs

Arnold’s Office Furniture takes the time to ensure your orders arrive in the correct style and quantity with national deliveries. Purchase dozens of high-back ergonomic office chairs, and we’ll assemble them for you through our white glove service. Focus your attention on growing your business while trained technicians fasten parts promptly.

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Experts at Arnold’s specialize in design layout services and will point you toward a floor plan for your facility. For more information about ergonomic office chairs, give us a call at 866-781-5687 or fill out a contact form today!