Office Furniture in Houston


Office Furniture in Houston

Business is booming in Houston, where the oil industry drives much of the economy, and the aerospace, biomedical research and healthcare industries also deliver strong results. The region’s focus on innovation gives businesses energy and drive. They also look for places to do business where their workers can have room to spread out and tap into their creativity, which demands the right office furniture.

Arnold’s Office Furniture has been providing well-made office essentials and cubicles for 90 years. Our proven products offer solutions for businesses that want to expand or update their current space. We can also assist startups beginning from scratch.

Arnold’s sells more than just a single chair or conference table. We put together entire office plans for our customers. When you use our services, we’ll work together to maximize your space and develop a layout to bring your workers together and push you to increase your efficiency. See what we can do for your office now.

Our Office Furniture Options for Businesses in Houston, Texas

We have a fantastic section of modern office furniture in Houston. We can furnish your entire company from the top floor to the bottom floor with stylish modern furniture that fits your desired aesthetic, budget and timeline. Our options include:

Customizable Office Cubicles

Looking for office cubicles in Houston, Texas? When you work with Arnold’s, forget what you think you know about cubicles. Modern cubicles that provide employees with private space to make phone calls and deal with sensitive data can be a game-changer for your office. Divide up large swaths of open office space into usable portions through our exclusive line of Sunline cubicles. We’re the only distributor for this top-of-the-line product, which offers our customers so many advantages.

The Sunline cubicle system’s edge lies in its modular design. While our competitors’ cubicles average four hours for setup, our unique design slides and locks into place for complete assembly in just one hour. Add and subtract dividers as needed, attach amenities like shelves and standing desks or completely rearrange your office layout with lightning-fast assembly. While assembly is already fast and easy, we make it effortless with our full-service office cubicle installation in Houston.

Each modular unit has options for increasing the amount of privacy. Your employees will appreciate getting their own space while still having room to collaborate.

Collaborative Office Tables and Benches

If you also need executive office furniture in Houston, look no further than our collection of boardroom tables for executives, VIP guests and meetings. You’ll find conference tables with solid wood construction to match both modern and traditional interiors. We can also help you select comfortable, stylish chairs to match.

To view more collaborative workspace options for your staff, check out our open-concept office furniture, benches and modular workstations. Turn your Houston office into a modern hub for creativity and teamwork.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

In the modern workplace, comfort is king. When today’s office worker spends 15 hours sitting each day, it’s critical to have chairs to keep them comfortable and productive. Our collection of ergonomic desk chairs has something for everyone. Find high-back chairs for your taller employees, leather upholstery for the executive office and everything in between.

Office Design Considerations in Houston

Keep up with the latest office design trends in Houston and plan ahead to create the most functional space for your team. Here are three things to consider with office design for Houston businesses:

Spaces to Match Your Team’s Workflow

Businesses today thrive on teamwork. Your space should cultivate collaboration. Modern companies know many heads are better than one, and when you work together to solve problems, you and your clients all win. Office equipment that encourages this team-first approach will give your business a needed edge.

Collaboration is a must, and so is privacy. Your team needs space to have discreet discussions with clients or coworkers and an environment where they can really hunker down on their current projects.

How can you combine these two competing needs to create an office that lets your employees do their best work? The answer is with cubicles. We offer office cubicles at varying heights to give your staff members the personal bubble they need and easy access to their teammates. Some designs provide maximum privacy, and others have low walls for better collaboration.

By updating your office furniture, you’ll also make an investment your employees will appreciate. Show your commitment to your company by getting them new furniture.

Bright Interiors

Bright Interiors

One of the latest office design trends is incorporating bright colors. A few years back, grays and neutrals were the trends to watch. Now, a pop of color brightens the mood and adds liveliness to office spaces. In Houston, office designers can pay homage to local architecture and Texas’s unique blend of cultures by adding some sunny, colorful elements to the design. At Arnold’s, we can support the need for color with some of our more brightly colored lounge and reception furniture. We also offer custom colors for our cubicle dividers and many of our desk chairs.

The other key to creating a bright, productive workspace is lighting. And when it comes to office design in Houston, Texas, there’s no better way to bring in the light than with some sunshine. This city averages 2,578 hours of annual sunshine with minimal cloud coverage. Take advantage of it — and maybe save yourself some electricity, too — by designing a space with ample natural light and windows. Let natural light reach every workstation by choosing cubicle partitions with windows.

Space and Flexibility

Modern office design leaves room for growth. Houston has seen slightly-above-average job growth since 2017 and is projected for 2.1% employment growth in 2024. If you’re hunting for a new space, it’s a good idea to invest in a little more room now to account for your future growth. Even if you’re refurnishing an existing workspace, look for flexible layouts and easy-to-move furniture. You never know when you’ll be adding new smiling faces to your team or need to change your workflow completely.

Our modular cubicles are flexible and space-saving by design. Our easy-to-install cubicles let you raise and lower partitions or reconfigure your office layout whenever you need.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in the Houston Area?

Arnold’s Office Furniture is a project-based furniture and layout design company. We don’t just ship out a desk and leave you to put it together. We help you find furniture that works for your office space and looks good in your environment. We’ll even design your office layout and deliver everything right to you. We offer full-service office furniture installation in Houston.

When you choose Arnold’s, you gain the benefits of:

  • A huge selection: Our cubicles come in many different colors, and you can customize how big or small they are. We also offer open-plan furniture like benching systems. We can furnish your building from the reception desk to the executive suite.
  • Outstanding value: You’ll pay half of what you would for cubicles from our competitors. We also work hard to find products to fit your budget. With our project-based approach and complimentary design services, you get the best value for your investment.
  • Easy assembly: Putting our Sunline cubicles together is a snap, and you can move them with ease. Every component slides into place without any specialty tools, so you can always change up your layout when you need to.
  • Delivery and full installation: We love the Houston area for all its bustling excitement, and we know you do too. No matter where your business is located, we can deliver your new cubicles and other office furniture. We provide delivery to Skyline District, Energy Corridor, Uptown, Texas Medical Center and beyond. We don’t stop there, either! We’ll send out our seasoned installers to assemble and arrange your furniture to match the agreed-upon layouts.


Buy New Cubicles and Office Furniture for Your Houston Business Today

Arnold’s Office Furniture has aided many Fortune 500 companies with overhauling their office look and bringing in new furniture to make spaces functional and modern. Our cubicles help companies become more efficient by saving space and providing employees the privacy they need to perform their duties.

Ordering from Arnold’s is easy. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the right pieces for your company. We’ll start by coming up with a layout plan for your space, taking into account what you need to accomplish each day on the job. Our expert in-house CAD designers will create your complimentary plan, and then we’ll implement it with the furniture delivered to your office building.

We can unload your new products, staying in line with your building’s receivables conditions. We’ll even have a professional crew unload and position your new furniture. Contact us online today to get a free quote on our cubicles, or give us a call at (610) 272-2050 to discuss it over the phone.