Office Furniture in San Diego

As a leader in office furniture based near Philadelphia, we can deliver top-quality office furniture in and around San Diego, California and nationwide.

We’re a full-service furniture supplier offering fantastic quality at a reasonable price. As a project-based supplier, we offer expert advice and project management alongside delivery and installation for office furniture anywhere in and around San Diego. With nearly 1,000 successful office furniture projects under our belt, we can turn your empty floor plan into a fully furnished, bustling office environment. Rather than selling a single desk or chair, we ship out dozens or even hundreds of workstations from our extensive warehouse.

We help medium-to-large businesses in California save money on their office furniture projects. Whether you need office cubicles or open plan furniture near San Diego, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Tijuana, La Jolla or Escondido, we can help. Arnold’s Office Furniture has you covered in the Plymouth of the West.

Affordable and Flexible Cubicles for Businesses in San Diego, California

Office cubicles in San Diego should be as exciting as the city itself. That’s why we took cubicle design to the next level with the Sunline Cubicle system, only available from Arnold’s Office Furniture. What makes these workstations so special? They have an innovative sliding design, meaning they’re easier to install than a traditional cubicle. Furnishing your building with conventional systems could take four hours of setup time per workstation. The Sunline system averages just one hour per cubicle.

While we offer professional office cubicle installation in San Diego, we recognize your company is always evolving and may not stay the same forever. With the Sunline system, moving to a new building, reorganizing your floor plan, or adding new workstations is practically effortless. Even after an initial installation, you can disassemble and rearrange Sunline cubicles with your bare hands whenever you please. Moving to a new location won’t mean buying all-new workstations, and redesigning your current layout won’t require days or weeks of labor.

With sliding modular panels, you can customize your divider walls’ heights. For collaborative teams that need easy access to one another, you can quickly lower the panels. When employees need extra privacy for deep focus, raise the walls to their max. The Sunline Cubicles come with both plexiglass and cloth panels. So, you can keep your tall divider walls while making the entire layout feel open and free with divider windows. Or, swap in sound-absorbing cloth panels for added privacy whenever you need.

Besides being the world’s easiest-to-install office cubicles, the Sunline system features a significantly more affordable price than other new office cubicles. At about the same cost as a used cubicle system, you can instead install the modern, flexible workstations your team didn’t know they needed.

High-Quality Office Furniture in San Diego

True to our promise, we deliver more than just office cubicles to your San Diego business. We promise to outfit your entire building, from the reception desk to the executive suite.

Open-Plan Furniture

If cubicles just don’t cut it, consider open-plan benching systems instead. Maintain the high-energy, collaborative atmosphere in your office with benches and desk pods that can seat up to six workers. We offer low-wall privacy partitions so your busy teams can maintain their focus without sacrificing the chance to talk through ideas with their neighbors across the desk. Choose from styles and configurations to fit any floor plan, and find a style and color scheme that fits your office culture.

Desk and Executive Chairs

Whether an employee works in a cubicle, at a bench or in the corner office, one thing stays the same — everyone needs a comfortable place to sit. Even employees lucky enough to have standing desks like to sit now and then. To ensure everyone has a comfortable chair that promotes productivity, choose workstation chairs from our ergonomic desk chair collection. When furnishing the C-suite’s private offices and the board room, turn to our stylish executive chairs, offering the support your higher-ups need to run the company.

Reception Desks and Soft Seating

Your front lobby sets the tone for your entire company. It’s the first thing visitors see upon arrival, and your employees pass by it every day on their way to their desks. When you need new reception furniture in San Diego, trust everything to us. Leave the right impression with your choice of modern or classic-style desks for your front-desk greeters or security guards. From the main lobby to the break room, give everyone a comfortable, relaxing place to sit with sofas and lounge furniture to fit any color scheme or design aesthetic.

Designing an Office in San Diego

Designing an Office in San Diego

San Diego blends its long-standing history and cultural diversity with year-round beautiful weather and some of the world’s most famous beaches and tourist attractions. Besides entertainment, hospitality and tourism, industries like technology, defense, manufacturing and even microbreweries thrive. Office design in San Diego can reflect the city’s unique mix of tradition and modern innovations with thoughtful furniture and architectural choices. Here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Use the Layout That Makes Your Team Tick

When choosing new office furniture, you have a chance to set the tone for a productive, enjoyable work environment. Finding the best furniture for your workplace depends on how your team likes to work. Most employees need some blend of privacy and easy collaboration. The exact mix could depend on the team and the general office culture you share. For a group that favors informal meetings and on-the-spot decision-making, choose a benching system with low-rise dividers. Make sure to offer breakout rooms where in-depth, private discussions can occur as needed.

For teams that thrive on quiet time and focused independent work, you might favor flexible cubicles. They give everyone the privacy they need while still providing quick access to co-workers. If you decide cubicles are for you, you might save a few collaborative spaces with cafe-style furnishings to offer an informal, collaborative space when employees need to work with fewer walls dividing them.

2. Add Pops of Color

With roots as a Spanish settlement, San Diego is known for its colorful public art scene and Spanish- and Mediterranean-inspired architecture. When these beautiful buildings and local color surround your employees wherever they go, white or grey walls at the office may look out of place. Adding color and liveliness to the office environment helps you pay homage to your city’s heritage while shaping an exciting, fun office culture.

One way to add this color is using wall decals, murals or wall-hung paintings. Or, select office furniture that matches your chosen color scheme. Colorful lounge furniture in the lobby and employee break rooms add to your office’s color palette and provide comfortable open-plan seating throughout your space. For even more colorful flair, find desk chairs and cubicle panels that offer your preferred color options.

3. Take Advantage of the Sunny Weather

San Diego is famous for its year-round sunshine. On average, the city sees 266 sunny days each year. That’s great for business since natural sunlight and time outdoors are proven to boost productivity. If you’re designing your office from scratch or still on the hunt for the perfect location, remember windows are your friends.

Organize your space, so everyone has access to natural light from a nearby window. If your team needs privacy dividers for focus, consider using clear plexiglass dividers or glass walls in floor-to-ceiling offices so everyone can bathe in sunlight throughout the day. Consider helping your team soak in some extra rays by incorporating an outdoor patio for lunch breaks.

Natural light also means you can jump on board with other office design trends in San Diego, like incorporating indoor plants. Greenery makes office life more enjoyable, offering a spot of color, effortless beauty, improved air quality and happier employees all-around. With an office space featuring sprawling windows, most indoor plants can thrive.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in San Diego?

As a project-based company with clients all over the country, Arnold’s Office Furniture brings the knowledge and expertise needed to refurnish your office. We’ll incorporate your favorite design trends, save you money and take care of all the finer details. Complete your office furniture project in three easy steps:

  1. Review options with your dedicated representative: Once you get in touch with us by requesting your free quote online or calling us, we’ll set you up with an office furniture expert. They’ll talk through your wants and needs and suggest products that fit your budget, time frame and available square footage. Browse our furniture options online to your heart’s content, and your representative will answer all your questions along the way.
  2. Choose furniture that fits your style and space: Once you’ve narrowed down your options, we hand things over to our in-house layout designers. As part of our complimentary space planning and design services, we’ll send you as many floor plans and layout ideas as it takes to find the one. We work to find a solution that fits your company’s organization and room layout. When our installers come, you’ll already know everything will fit as expected.
  3. Place your order: Once you say the word on your proposal, our 150,000-square-foot warehouse springs into action. Our operations team will secure all your products and arrange for convenient delivery at your building’s receiving dock. We offer full-service office furniture installation in San Diego. When your professional delivery and installation crew arrives, they’ll assemble and arrange everything to your liking. If you have any questions throughout your selection, design or delivery process, we’re always a quick phone call or email away!

Find Affordable Office Furniture in San Diego From Arnold's Office Furniture

Find Affordable Office Furniture in San Diego From Arnold’s Office Furniture

With our incredible selection and nationwide delivery, we have you covered whether you’re looking for stately or modern office furniture in San Diego. Check out all the office furniture we have to offer, and contact us to request your free quote and get started on your project today.