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Attractive and practical, floor-to-ceiling cubicles have increased in popularity since the rise of coronavirus cases across the world. These unique types of fully enclosed cubicles allow team members to safely work in the office and practice social distancing throughout the day.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal of these office partition walls, floor-to-ceiling cubicles offer several key advantages when you incorporate them as part of a modern office layout design:

  • They make social distancing intuitive. When employees return to the office after working remotely during COVID-19, they may start to loosen their social distancing practices. Floor-to-ceiling cubicles serve as good reminders to stay at least six feet apart in an effort to reduce the spread of contagious diseases, like the novel coronavirus, as well as other illnesses.
  • They reduce noise and increase privacy. Even see-through floor-to-ceiling glass cubicles help employees feel like they’re in a more private setting. Plus, the high-quality materials reduce the levels of noise from next-door cubicles and offices.
  • They provide an affordable, streamlined way to get the feel and function of traditional offices. Floor-to-ceiling workstations give all the advantages of classic offices without requiring expensive build-outs or renovations. Plus, floor-to-ceiling cubicle models can be installed in about a day. As a result, your company has the choice to radically change the layout of any space within a 24-48 hour period, such as over the weekend.
  • They give employees peace of mind about returning to the office. Many people are understandably concerned about coming back to the workplace because of coronavirus worries. Installing fully enclosed cubicles helps reduce these fears, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.


Arnold’s Office Furniture offers two main types of floor-to-ceiling glass cubicles and workstations.

  • High wall glass offices: Constructed from single panes of glass, this type of floor-to-ceiling office can be outfitted with a door for additional privacy if desired. The glass is easy to keep clean, making it simple to follow CDC sanitization guidelines. All floor-to-ceiling partition walls can be custom-made to order, ensuring that you get the perfect fit every time.
  • High glass walled enclosures: Preferred for conference rooms and call centers, these double- or single-paned high glass floor-to-ceiling cubicle walls can provide a noise-reduced space for several people. Like all fully enclosed floor-to-ceiling workstations, they can be disinfected inside and outside using an appropriate solution. We make each high glass wall enclosure to order depending upon client specifications.


Are you in the process of reimagining your office design to encourage a healthier workspace for all your team members and visiting guests? Floor-to-ceiling glass cubicles and workstations could provide an added benefit for your space.

Reach out to our team today to request a no-obligation quote regarding our exceptional office products from Arnold’s Office Furniture. One of our professional representatives will contact you to get more information so we can help you revamp and reinvent your office layout.