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Sitting in an office full-time can be demanding on the back, neck and shoulders. Employees working behind computer screens, desks and conference tables require additional support for comfort and long-term health. Providing your team with appropriate seating makes your employees motivated to come to work, and you may even find that the right office chair increases productivity.

At Arnold's, we specialize in office furniture and allow customers to place bulk orders for remodeling efforts, expansions and more. Our online store showcases a wide variety of high-back office chairs in different styles and colors to match your company culture and environment. The days of fighting muscle aches and fatigue are over with office chairs that are suitable for the 40 hour work week.

High-back office chairs are some of the most luxurious seats you can purchase for commercial spaces. These setups arrive with rolling wheels and ergonomic adjustments to match employees’ preferences. Teams can easily alter the height and tilt of high-back office chairs as well as set armrests to fixed positions.

What makes a high-back chair different from other styles? Our products are equipped with elongated backs and headrests that prevent your staff from slouching. Whether individuals are switching between writing surfaces, cubicles or desks, high-back chairs enable you to adapt.

High-back Vs. Medium-back Vs. Low-back Chairs

Generally, office chairs are available in high-back, medium-back and low-back configurations. Learn more about our inventory with the following guide:

  • High-back chairs: Provide support all the way up to the back of the head. Ideal for all-day sitting.
  • Medium-back chairs: Have a supportive backing that stops at the shoulders or neck. Medium-back choices are great in situations where workers are in one place for multiple hours but require mobility. Support exists along the spine to help you sit up straight.
  • Low-back chairs: Offer support along the lower and middle sections of the spine. Consider this type of office chair for employees constantly on the go.

Benefits of High-back Desk Chairs

High-back chairs from Arnold’s Office Furniture offer professional designs with innovative features. Depending on selection, we even have office chairs with memory foam materials and sleek leather upholsteries. All of our high-back options come with rolling-style wheels and 360 degree swivel.

One of the biggest perks of high-back office chairs is their ability to let workers lock settings in place. Employees can return each morning knowing that the tilt, height and armrest settings are exactly how they left them. In addition, the customer favorite HUP Chair II comes in exciting colors like red, black and blue to match existing furniture, paint colors and room accents.

Unsure which high-back styles are right for your workplace? The Arnold’s Office Furniture sales team is available 24/7 to answer questions and inquiries. We’ll help narrow down choices with more information about some of our bestsellers, including:

Efficient Deliveries and Assembly Services

Arnold’s Office Furniture is a one-stop shop for bulk ordering. We make it simple to set the standard for your business locations with products such as standing desks, reception fixtures and carpeting. Our team delivers nationwide, and we make sure your orders ship out in the correct quantities for satisfaction upon arrival.

Redesign your corporate building in no time with our White Glove installation services. For an additional fee, we send our technicians onsite to assemble your furniture so it sits level and remains safe for long-term use.

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Arnold’s has 90 years of experience handling office sets for a professional appearance. If your company is in need of office chairscubicles or a new open concept, look no further than our inventory for upgrades at competitive prices. As your premier distributor of Sunline products, we’re confident our installations will boost efficiency, organization and comfort in the workplace.

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