What Furniture Should You Have in Your Reception Area?

What Furniture Should You Have in Your Reception Area?

What Furniture Should You Have in Your Reception Area?

The reception area or waiting room is your office’s red carpet. A well-organized layout can put people at ease before an appointment and communicate that your business is excellent in everything you do for customers. 

Doctors, lawyers and corporations have perfected how to layout an office for maximum comfort over the years. There are several key insights you can learn to plan the perfect space for your guests. 

What Should be Included in a Reception Area

The reception area is the welcome mat of your business. Making a good first impression and turning the waiting experience into something memorable is critical. 

Furniture Needed for Waiting Room

Waiting room furniture is unique because people want comfort, without being too relaxed. People prefer their own space, especially in public, where you could touch elbows or heads with someone. This fact is especially true in medical offices or hospitals where patients fear the contaminants of other people. 

The best waiting room layouts use a combination of loveseats, chairs and couches to balance personal space. Single chairs give people personal space while loveseats can house a couple. Three-person couches provide space for a family or a large person that wants room to move. Coffee tables also provide a space for magazines. 

Furniture Needed for Office Reception Area

An office reception area has overlapping needs with a waiting room, yet there are specific differences. The office reception area should make an excellent impression with a high-quality, professional desk.

The office area typically has fewer seats than a waiting room and upscale reception furniture like individual sofa seats. Include seating with mini-tables so that professionals can work on their laptops or tablets while waiting. Must-have reception furniture includes a coffee table or desk that has hot tea and coffee with a selection of single-serve flavors for guests. 

Outfit Your Office With Style Through Arnold’s Office Furniture

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