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Standing Desks

Standing desks alleviate the pressure of leaving your computer because of the everyday back and neck pains that come from extended periods of sitting and stagnation. Raise or lower your work surface to a comfortable height with the press of a button to keep the blood flowing from your brain to your toes and back, with no interruption!

This high quality, low price product gets you more than an amazing desk or table, it gets you more business!  Adjustable standing desks not only prevent back and neck pains, but they also keep your employees on their toes, making them more energetic throughout the day. This will help them generate more great ideas and be more productive, which will increase profit!  Ask about standing conference tables to raise the height and energy levels of meetings!

We have 7 awesome Standing Desks for you to choose from:


Standing desks or conference tables improve the work environment, as well as the health of your employees. A healthy employee is always a happy employee. Standing desks give your employees the opportunity to choose what height they want to work at throughout the day, making them feel more comfortable at work.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology, participants using sit-stand desks reported significantly less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated the entire work day, and 87% reported increased vigor and energy.

Aside from feeling comfortable, there are numerous health benefits that come with a standing desk like burning an additional 1,000 extra calories a week!  Not only will it lower your risk of gaining weight, but it will also lower your blood sugar levels.

According to a small study from the National Center for Biotechnology, standing for 180 minutes after lunch reduced the blood sugar spike by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time.  Standing also may lower your risk of heart disease. Another study found that bus conductors who stood all day had half the risk of heart illnesses as their colleagues in the driver’s seat.  An hour of exercise may not even make up for the harmful effects an entire day of sitting acquires.

The price that comes along with all of these benefits is extremely low. You will be able to create a happy work environment at a low price with just the touch of a button! If you’re ready to change the way you and your employees work with an adjustable height sit-stand desk or table, request a quote today and we’ll contact you with next steps.

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