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Ready to revitalize the look and function of your office space? Instead of just replacing your current furnishings with similar products, consider upgrading to an adjustable standing desk.

Standing desks add an element of contemporary design to any business, providing a more polished, chic tone that appeals to both incoming employees and new clients.

Check out the many types of standing office desks available today. Arnold’s Office Furniture makes buying the latest, most ergonomically correct and efficient furniture simple and affordable.

Why Buy a Standing Desk for Work?

You may have already seen bits of information on standing desks in the media. But did you know how and why they have become a must-have, mainstream addition to so many workplaces around the world? Below are a few of the biggest advantages to investing in standing office desks and corresponding cubicles from Arnold’s Office Furniture.

Standing Desks Promote Healthier Working

Have you or your employees ever felt achy or sore after a day of working at the computer or at a regular desk? The human body was meant to move, not sit in one locked position for hours on end. Yet it can be tough for some workers to pull themselves away from their laptops or desktops because of deadlines and job responsibilities.

Standing desks alleviate the pressure of leaving your computer because of the everyday back and neck pains that come from extended periods of sitting and stagnation. Raise or lower your work surface to a comfortable height with the press of a button to keep the blood flowing from your brain to your toes and back, with no interruption!

Studies have shown than working at a standing desk burns more calories than sitting. Even if you only stand for a few intervals during a typical workday, you will encourage your body to use more energy. When coupled with a nutritious diet and other forms of exercise, a standing desk for work can serve as an extension of a healthy living routine.

Standing Desks Encourage Higher Productivity Levels

Every business wants to do more without pushing employees too hard. Standing desks can play a huge role in upping the efficiency factor in an office setting. For that reason, we often like to say that this high quality, low price product gets you more than an amazing desk or table — it gets you more business!

Adjustable standing desks not only prevent back and neck pains, but they also keep your employees on their toes, making them more energetic throughout the day. This will help them generate more great ideas and be more productive, which will increase profit! In addition, standing office desks make it more convenient for team members to collaborate. Since they are already on their feet, they are more apt to move from station to station, fueling innovation and getting a teamwork boost.

Standing Desks Set the Tone for More Dynamic Meetings

Tired of boring meetings where everyone stares at their phones and only a few attendees participate? Discover the value and excitement that comes when you host standing meetings courtesy of an adjustable office desk.

Simply set your meeting date and time, or call together an impromptu brainstorming session. Raise a standing desk, hover around it and get your business accomplished. People tend to be more involved in the conversation when they stand instead of sit. The atmosphere may even feel more like a casual get-together than an intensive work session.

Ask about standing conference tables to raise the height and energy levels of meetings!

Standing Desks Attract Talent to Your Team

Are you on the lookout for superstars to add to your team? Top performers often gravitate toward working at a companies that offer the latest perks, including healthier, flexible working arrangements.

Show job candidates your company is advanced in its thinking by making adjustable office desks a potential choice for all workers. It could be the selling point you need to pick up some amazing employees ready to help your enterprise compete.

Why Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture for Adjustable Office Desks and Cubicle Solutions?

Whether you want to purchase standing desks for you or your whole group, trust Arnold’s Office Furniture for incredible choices and prices. Our company has been in business for more than 90 years and is the sole distributor for SUNLINE cubicles. SUNLINE specializes in developing modern designs that flex, fit any space and assemble with ease. These modular units are about half the cost of leading workstations, ensuring you can get the contemporary appearance and function you need out of your office furnishings.

Fortune 500 companies including American Airlines, Panasonic and Amazon all use SUNLINE furniture. Now, you can get the same advantage by outfitting your workspace with adjustable standing desks and so much more! Request a quote from us today by contacting our representatives.