How to Furnish a New Office Building


Whether you’re the first person to set up in a new office space or the 50th, furnishing a brand-new office is a task you shouldn’t take lightly. Surveys have shown that 37% of job candidates value an appealing work environment over the salary offered, so you could be missing out on hiring valuable team members by cutting corners when you furnish your space. Take these steps to get a headstart for your office setup. 

Examine the Space

Before you start ordering anything, the first thing you need is a big-picture breakdown of the space where you’re going to establish your office. You need to look at everything, from the number of floors to the locations of the entrances and exits. Do you have a lobby area? What about break rooms or conference rooms? You will need to address kitchens and bathrooms differently than offices or elevators. Arnold’s provides full floor-planning design services, so we can help you create the perfect office, based on your space and budget, right from the start.

Having a comprehensive design you can work from gives you the best foundation to build your office furnishing plan. 

Assess Your Needs

Next, take the time to assess your needs and figure out what purposes the space will serve. What type of workspace are you planning to create — a traditional cube farm or a more modern open floorplan? Studies have found that the most productive workspaces are five times more likely to have both group and individual spaces. 

Look at how many people you employ and how you can create an area that will best accommodate all of them. This step should also include an in-depth look at your company culture, as well as the kind of equipment you use and will need to have room for. 

Determine the Aesthetic

Next, determine the kind of aesthetic you’re trying to create. Pick a color scheme and a design and stick to it to create a uniform feeling throughout the facility. Consider adding some natural elements as well. Studies have found that employees are 15% happier in offices that have natural indoor features or offer some sort of outdoor area for them to work.  

Now is a good time to finalize any plans for how you will be using the space. Today, 70% of offices are open-plan, but some employees thrive better when they can choose between open and private areas. 

Make a Layout

Now that you have a plan and an aesthetic in mind, start mapping out your office vision. Consider the types of office layouts available to you as you make your designs. Make a detailed plan that includes everything from lighting and traffic areas to employee departments. Where will your team be working during the day? How will meeting rooms and communal areas fit within the overall layout?

Mapping out potential furniture placement gives you a clearer picture of the type and number of pieces you’ll need to order. 

Prepare Your New Office Furniture Checklist

Finally, as you’re preparing to place your order, create a new office furniture checklist that will ensure you don’t forget anything.  This checklist should include:

  • Cubicle systems if you’re not planning to create an open office.
  • Desk dividers or partitions, if you are planning an open plan environment.
  • Functional and stylish desks.
  • Office and conference room chairs.
  • Lighting equipment, if the interior lighting isn’t sufficient for your needs.
  • Coat racks.
  • Shelving and cabinet systems for storage.
  • Benching systems for open floorplan seating.
  • Modular workspaces that are customizable as necessary.
  • Conference tables.
  • Lounge furniture for break rooms and communal areas.
  • Area rugs and carpeting, if they’re not already included in the office.

By including numbers, needs, layout and design in your big-picture plan, you’ll know just what to order and how to furnish your new office for productive and innovative operation. Find everything you need on your new office checklist at Arnold’s Office Furniture today.

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