Sunline Synergy High Wall Glass Office 500 Series

Sunline Synergy High Wall Glass Office 500 Series

SKU: 1271

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  • Sunline Select High Wall
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Sunline Synergy High Wall Glass Office 500 Series

SKU: 1271


Sunline Synergy 500 Series is a half-inch (12mm) glass solution that creates sleek spaces with anodized aluminum frames for a slim profile and luminous look.


Style and value

  • Fast and easy planning, installation, and reconfiguration
  • Integrates building architecture with an innovative construction process to create a better building and a more effective workplace

Room divider or glass front

  • Full height floor-to-ceiling partition 
  • Frameless tempered and laminated glass with butt glazing to create frameless corners and virtually seamless glass expanses
  • Up to 10 feet (3m) high

Design philosophy

  • Single-glazed and custom-cut
  • Multiple glass panels can be connected together to create nearly any wall size
  • Frameless-glass can be mounted over an existing wall, side-mounted to an existing wall, or mounted floor-to-ceiling as a standalone wall
  • Minimalistic, lightly scaled aluminum frames are unobtrusive and completely customizable

Affordable flexibility

  • Installation is easy and quick with a simple sealer between glass panels that makes initial assembly or future reconfiguration fast and convenient 






Design Options

  • Walls are available in clear, frosted or back-painted glass, wood, and laminate
  • Frame options include anodized aluminum and black-painted steel
  • Door options include full-glass, half-glass, and laminate swinging doors 

Size Options

  • Widths (inches): 18, 24, 28, 32, 36, 39, 48
  • Widths (millimeters): 450, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200
  • Heights (feet): 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Heights (millimeters): 2100, 2400, 2700, 3000

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When you purchase Sunline Synergy floor-to-ceiling office cubicles for your commercial space, you’ll experience many exciting benefits that you won’t get with traditional office furniture. With glass cubicles in your office, you’ll reap all of the following advantages:

  • Sound insulation: Shared office complexes tend to get noisy, cultivating a distracting work environment. Floor-to-ceiling offices resolve this issue by presenting quiet enclosed spaces that promote better concentration.
  • Atmosphere: Glass cubicles are ideal for giving employees their own private office areas without making them feel trapped or isolated. They have a personal workspace with an open view of the rest of the complex.
  • Cost-efficiency: Unlike traditional workstations, floor-to-ceiling offices never require additions or renovations. They also have lower installation costs due to their easy assembly, helping companies save money.
  • Light: Offices with lots of solid walls can block out light, making a workspace feel dark and uninviting. Glass partitions brighten up the space by allowing natural light to flow throughout the room, boosting staff morale.


If you’re looking for a way to transform your job site, consider buying floor-to-ceiling glass cubicles at Arnold’s Office Furniture. We pride ourselves on providing customers with revolutionary office solutions that make life easier.

When you work with us, we’ll have one of our expert CAD designers work with you on a custom office layout that’s perfect for your office layout and best for your budget. We look forward to speaking with you about these new call center cubicles and whatever other office furniture needs you might have!

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