Office Furniture in Philadelphia

Office Furniture in Philadelphia

In the City of Brotherly Love, office space comes at a premium. Many companies have limited room and need an efficient way to maximize their space. Whether you’re in the business district in Center City or you’re one of the many health or tech companies in University City, you need the best office furniture to ensure your employees remain comfortable and productive.

You can find the right fit at Arnold’s Office Furniture. We sell new office furniture and cubicles in Philadelphia, perfect for large- and medium-sized businesses just like yours. Our cubicles will help you use your space more efficiently. Below, you’ll discover the latest in office design for Philadelphia businesses, modern office furniture options for your business and where to get the best office furniture in Philadelphia, PA.

How to Design the Perfect Office for Your Philly Business

If you want to come up with the best office design in Philadelphia for your business, you’ll have to consider three critical factors — your layout, space flexibility and storage facilities. Check out the tips below on making the most of these design details.

  • Layout: Your office layout can impact its noise levels and your employees’ overall productivity. Encourage teamwork, collaboration and creativity by choosing an open-concept office plan that allows workers to communicate and cooperate. Make sure your layout allows for group discussion while keeping noise disruptions to a minimum.
  • Flexibility: Flexible spaces are one of the hottest office design trends in Philadelphia. A flexible office design provides adaptable spaces that allow for better workflow and movement. While outdated office designs follow a stifling structure, flexible office designs recognize employees’ independence and include customizable workspaces, communal workspaces and innovative meeting rooms. Giving employees different working options boosts productivity by letting workers find the environment that best suits them.
  • Storage: Investing in storage options, such as a filing cabinet or online storage software, solves the common office problem of disorganization and mess. Finding the right storage facilities can help you ensure all your essential documents are orderly, secure and easy to access. Keeping your records organized promotes increased productivity and more accommodating customer service.

Our Office Furniture Options for Businesses in Philadelphia

Our Office Furniture Options for Businesses in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for modern office furniture in Philadelphia to complete your office design, you’re in luck — Arnold’s Office Furniture has everything you need. At Arnold’s, you’ll find contemporary cubicles, plus multipurpose and adjustable furniture to suit your office space. Every piece we sell demonstrates the impressive durability you expect from high-quality furniture. When you buy from Arnold’s, you’ll get excellent products at affordable prices.

Learn more about our cutting-edge office furniture options below.

Sunline Cubicles

With collaboration becoming most businesses’ primary focus, your office needs cubicles that allow for more open workspaces while still providing employees with a measure of privacy. To create the best workflow for your team, you need flexible, adaptable office cubicles you can adjust as needed.

Sunline cubicles — a contemporary reinvention of the typical office cubicle — are the perfect solution because they are efficient, elegant and easy to use. As an adjustable sliding cubicle system, Sunline cubicles allow you to easily reconfigure your office’s layout whenever necessary. You get to choose the color, height and footprint of your Sunline cubicle to make it fit the shape of your workspace.

With Sunline cubicles, you can transform the look of your office and the way your company does business. These flexible pieces of office furniture also give employees ample personal space while still encouraging them to regularly interact and exchange ideas with their colleagues.

Open-Concept Office Furniture

Creating an open-concept layout is essential for encouraging teamwork and employee interaction. Adaptable pieces of office furniture are crucial for forming open-concept, flexible workspaces. You can configure an innovative and effective open-concept layout for your office by incorporating Sunline benching systems.

Sunline benching systems are reconfigurable and space-saving office design solutions with walls that break down to promote colleague collaboration. With Sunline benching systems, you also get to adjust the wall heights between your office seating options to give your employees more privacy while still staying within safety regulations.

In this way, Sunline benching systems help you create individual work areas alongside co-working spaces where team members can brainstorm. This kind of multipurpose office furniture is the secret to meeting employees’ workspace needs.

Standing Desks

Picking multipurpose and adjustable furniture helps your office design complement each employee’s unique working style. Specifically, height-adjustable standing desks can help employees avoid painful body aches from sitting in the same position all day. Having a standing desk option will help your employees stay comfortable and focused on their current project.

Professional Design, Delivery and Installation Services in Philadelphia

When you work with an office furniture provider like Arnold’s Office Furniture, you’ll get to discuss your workspace needs with a professional who can recommend the best furniture options for your office design. We love working with our customers to discover the best fit, and we’ll provide you with a professional who will work side by side with you to come up with options that match your budget and your space.

In addition to supplying complimentary space planning designs, we go the extra mile to maximize your experience with us. We even offer fast and convenient office cubicle installation for Philadelphia businesses. When you work with Arnold’s, you can save the time and energy you’d otherwise spend trying to coordinate the delivery and assemble the furniture on your own.

Arnold’s makes the setup process smooth and effortless by:

  • Scheduling the delivery to your office
  • Ensuring the delivery meets your building’s location and unloading requirements
  • Arranging for a professional crew to handle the installation

Arnold’s provides delivery and office furniture installation in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We deliver and install anywhere in Philadelphia, along with these nearby cities:

  • Chester, PA
  • King of Prussia, PA
  • Wayne, PA
  • Cherry Hill, NJ

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in Philadelphia?

If you want the leading products in modern, innovative office furniture, Arnold’s should be your top choice. We’re proud to be the sole distributor of Sunline cubicles, a line of several flexible options that you can adapt to fit any office space. Sunline products set Arnold’s apart as the best place to purchase office cubicles in Philadelphia.

In particular, the benefits of choosing to get your office furniture from Arnold’s include the following.

  • Modern design: The Sunline office cubicles available at Arnold’s are contemporary and visually appealing. Your entire office will look sleeker and more stylish when you add these cubicles. Maintaining your office’s aesthetic will make the space more enjoyable for your current workers and more attractive to prospective employees.
  • Flexibility: Arnold’s Sunline office cubicles are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can be sure to find a style that works well in your office building. You can even customize Sunline cubicles to suit your space perfectly.
  • Excellent prices: Sunline cubicles are an affordable office furniture option, costing about half as much as you would pay for other, less attractive workstations. Along with being cost-effective, Sunline cubicles pay off in the long run because they bring an increase in employee productivity and appeal to potential hires that makes them a wise and worthwhile investment.

Discover why so many Fortune 500 companies have already chosen Sunline cubicles as their office furniture by checking out Arnold’s extensive catalog of Sunline products.

Order Your Philadelphia Office Furniture From Arnold's

Order Your Philadelphia Office Furniture From Arnold’s

Read to shop cubicles in Philadelphia? Start with the best at Arnold’s Office Furniture. As the sole distributor of Sunline cubicles, we provide higher-quality, more flexible office furniture options than our competitors. In addition to our state-of-the-art Sunline cubicles, we sell a wide range of office desks, chairs, conference tables and more.

To learn more about how Arnold’s can improve your office layout, contact us or request a quote today.