Purchasing Used vs. New Office Furniture

If you’re considering buying office furniture but aren’t sure whether to choose used or new office chairs, workstations or cubicles, Arnold’s Office Furniture is here to help. At Arnold’s, we’re delighted to be the exclusive distributor of SUNLINE cubicles – the affordable modular furniture choice for many of America’s top brands.

For about the same price as a used cubicle from a leading cubicle company, you can outfit your office with bright, new, productivity-increasing workstations from Sunline. The Sunline sliding cubicle system is flexible, stylish, durable – and affordable! Meaning you can count on using these for years to come. 

If you aren’t convinced, we outlined the pros and cons of purchasing used vs. new office furniture, and we think you’ll be surprised by all the hidden costs behind purchasing used furniture that the initial sticker price doesn’t include.

Cons of Used Office Furniture

Most of the time, people choose to buy used office furniture because of lower upfront costs. Although you may be drawn in by the appeal of lower prices, there are many drawbacks to buying pre-owned office furniture. Selecting new office furniture now instead of purchasing furniture that’s been used for several years will save you money — and time — in the long run. 

Six cons of buying used office furniture include: 

  • No warranty
  • Furniture in poor condition
  • Higher costs in the long run
  • Incompatible with other furniture and technology
  • Missing or broken parts that are no longer manufactured
  • Improper furniture slows productivity and can cause longterm health issues


Cons of Buying Used Cubicles

When you buy used cubicles and workstations, you’re limiting the possibilities of how you can arrange your workspace. One of the drawbacks of refurbished cubicles is that you’ll have fewer options to choose from.

It’s nearly impossible to get the exact cubicle configuration that you want without purchasing new cubicles, and you’ll have to settle for subpar accessories and antiquated styles. If you purchase a used cubicle and want to refresh it with modern workspace amenities, you’ll have to purchase the accessories separately. Used cubicles can also have structural damage, cracks in the framework and faulty electrical work, so they won’t last as long as their modern counterparts. 

Further, older secondhand cubicles might not support the required equipment to perform modern work. Modern technology requires modern workspaces, and older cubicle models might not have the proper setup to ensure you’re as productive as possible. 

Cons of Buying Used Office Desks

Like your cubicle, your office desk makes a statement about who you are. Another big drawback of buying a pre-owned office desk is that you’ll have a slimmer selection to browse. Most of the styles available will also be outdated and do not support modern IT needs. 

In addition to limited modern adaptability, older desk models also don’t have the same features as today’s ergonomic office desks, including features like sit-stand desks, which allow you to raise your desktop with an electric lever when you need to stretch your legs.

Cons of Buying Used Office Chairs

While humans of the past relied on constant movement and hunter-gatherer lifestyles to survive, today’s office worker often spends upward of eight hours a day sitting on the same chair. Traditional office chairs lack the lumbar support that will keep you feeling pain-free and productive. Choosing the wrong office chair can cause health problems, including: 

  • Pain: Sitting in the wrong office chair can cause wrist disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis in the arm, neck pain, misaligned muscles and joints, back pain and chronic headaches
  • Poor circulation: Sitting with improper posture for long periods of time can hinder circulation, which can eventually lead to varicose veins. Slower digestion is another consequence of both reduced blood flow and the compression of the lower intestines from poor posture. 
  • Depression: Studies show that proper posture is correlated to an increased mood, while slouching promotes negative thinking.

Pros of Buying New Office Furniture

New furniture is not only a great way to freshen up your office and boost employee morale, it can also promote healthy work habits and increase productivity. At Arnold’s, we get why buying refurbished or used office cubicles sounds appealing; but take a closer look at all the benefits of purchasing new – especially when you can purchase a new Sunline sliding cubicle for the same cost as a used one! 

Six pros of buying new office furniture include: 

  • Buying new office furniture will help ensure high-quality pieces that you can easily repair or replace. 
  • An aesthetically pleasing office boosts employee happiness and productivity.
  • It’s more cost-efficient to purchase durable, reliable new furniture with a warranty rather than continually replacing pre-owned pieces with no warranty.
  • New office furniture, such as modern ergonomic chairs and sit-stand desks, promote good posture and prevent the negative health consequences caused by older, used office furniture.
  • Buying new workstations, like our popular Sunline sliding cubicles, will help your business look into the future by ensuring your office’s cubicles are up-to-date. 
  • Quick shipping and installation options, so you can get your office looking fresh faster.


Better Office Furniture = Happier Employees

Having the right office furniture is instrumental in moving your business forward. When you buy new furniture, you’re also investing in your employees, and studies show that happy employees are more productive. 

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we understand the importance of proper office design. The first step in choosing office furniture is to think about how your employees use the workspace. Arnold’s works with you to select the right furniture to help your employees accomplish their goals – and on a budget!

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