Cost Comparison of Popular Office Furniture

Cost comparison of popular furniture

More and more businesses across the U.S. are abandoning the traditional office environment. Instead, they’re embracing more modern elements of design for a fresh and fun atmosphere, sure to make the eight-hour shift go by a little faster. While some may hold preconceived notions that offices are dull and dreary, many are starting to realize that this is no longer the case. One major way businesses are spicing up their offices is through new office furniture. Even something as simple as new chairs can impact an office’s vibe. However, it can prove to be costly to update an office’s furniture completely. By considering costs and comparing prices, you’re on the right track to find the most affordable way to liven up your office.

What Is the Cost of New Office Furniture?

The cost of new office furniture

Whether you’re running a bare-bones startup or an established business looking to upgrade, when you start shopping for office furniture, don’t think you have to sacrifice affordability for quality. While the cost to furnish an office at times can be high, you have options. When you shop at office furniture retailers like Arnold’s, you maintain high-quality, high-end furniture for a lower cost than other well-known manufacturers (think Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth and Knoll).

If you’re looking to furnish a small office, maybe spending a little extra to buy new pieces won’t affect your bottom line much. However, when you’re a larger business or one with a very limited budget, the cost of providing new workstations for multiple employees can add up quickly.

Shopping for new office furniture doesn’t have to intimidate your wallet. When you buy new office furniture at Arnold’s, you can still choose things like final finishes and fabric colors for any of your office customization needs, just at a lower cost than competitors. With plenty of options, your business doesn’t have to skimp on style to save some money, either. So just how much does it cost to furnish an office? We’ll help you break it down by:

  • Office desk price
  • Office cubicle price
  • Open plan workstation furniture price
  • Office chair price
  • Reception desk price
  • Reception seating cost
  • Conference and boardroom table price

How Much Do Office Desks Cost?

Office desks are an essential piece of office furniture — it’s where employees spend the majority of their day and where they complete most of their work. It’s critical that desks are big enough for employees to work without being cramped and that they come equipped with all of the necessary features so employees can work as productively as possible. With more than 60 different desk options to choose from, Arnold’s Office Furniture is sure to have the right work desks for your office.

Since there are so many different desk styles and options to choose from, you can find affordable desks that meet your budget. Whether you want to put in some new height-adjustable sit-stand desks at the office or add some new executive desks, count on competitively-priced, high-quality furniture that will last. From the smallest startups to the largest Fortune 500 companies, desks are a vital part of the workday and office environment. When you stock up on new desks for employees in your office, you can rest assured knowing you got the most for your money when you shop Arnold’s.

Executive desks are one of the most popular desk options in the office. These desks are great for those seeking plenty of surface space with maximum storage, often featuring multiple file drawers. How much do executive desks cost? While costs differ from place to place, count on Arnold’s for plenty of executive desk options that range from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the desk. For comparison, Steelcase Elective Elements Office has a list price of $14,500. At Knoll, a new executive desk costs just over $8,000 while you can spend only $1,495 on a new executive desk at Arnold’s, available in two sizes and seven different work surface colors.

More and more offices around the U.S. are also introducing adjustable height desks into the office so employees can take a break from sitting all day to stand and work. While a basic rectangular sit-to-stand desk from Herman Miller costs about $1,700, you can save a little more than $500 when you purchase a similar sit-stand desk from Arnold’s for $795. Compared to some competitor pricing, you can also save more than $1,000 by buying the sit-stand base with adjustable height starting at $695.

How Much Does an Office Cubicle Cost?

How much does an office cubicle cost

Imagining the traditional American office, you likely picture line after line of cubicles. Cubicles are another classic office staple that give workers some privacy when they need it but can also be used to encourage collaboration and productivity. Think of cubicles as an employee’s mini private office — the space inside is theirs to personalize and transform into their ideal workspace as they please. They can add posters, pictures, calendars and more to customize their cubicle. However, the cost of office cubicles is significantly more affordable than giving each employee an actual private office. For businesses small, large or in between that are working with a budget, new cubicles are a great way to revamp your work environment while remaining cost-effective.

While many cubicles haven’t changed much since their introduction into the office, Arnold’s Office Furniture has stepped up their game and altered the classic cubicle design to evolve with the times. You can choose from more than 50 new office cubicle systems and purchase cubicles in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and configurations that best suit your office’s needs, all while keeping office cubicle costs significantly lower than competitors. But just how much does a cubicle cost? Again, it depends on things such as the office furniture supplier, style options and different sizes.

For example, new Herman Miller My Studio cubicles can cost you more than $15,000. Even Herman Miller’s simpler cubicle options, like the Sense Desking System or the 5000 Series Furniture workstations, can still cost more than $6,000 for the most basic options, while bigger sets with more features can run close to $20,000. Similarly, new Knoll Reff cubicles for single work stations have a list price starting at $13,500. For offices looking to replace numerous cubicles, this isn’t a feasible price.

Meanwhile, the average cost of 8-by-8 foot office cubicles at Arnold’s Office Furniture range from $1,200 to $1,400 depending on height — a lot more affordable and still high-quality furniture. Sunline Signature Cubicles at Arnold’s allow easy office configuration since they’re flexibly designed to fit any office space. They also cut the cubicle workstation price by almost 50% when compared to other major office furniture brands, making them an excellent option for any business. Plus, since Arnold’s is the sole distributor of Sunline cubicles, you won’t find these deals anywhere else.

How Much Do Open Plan Workstations Cost?

While cubicles are still extremely popular in the workplace, businesses are also implementing more open plan workstations in offices across the U.S. These workstations encourage more collaboration with coworkers as the walls come down and more people are sharing open spaces with others. Being in close vicinity with your coworkers in an open plan workstation allows you to stay up to date with office happenings and allows for more open communication when people are sitting side by side, versus staying in their cubicles. People can easily walk over to someone or turn to ask a question rather than schedule a meeting.

With everyone close by in an open plan workstation, it also makes coworkers easier to approach and improves the overall office atmosphere by not keeping everyone closed off from one another. Open plan workstations are also budget-friendly for businesses by keeping employees in the same area when it comes to utilities and supplies. Plus, with flexible configurations in open plan workstations, it’s easier to accommodate new additions in the office. Open plan workstations come with interpersonal benefits, and they are also a cost-effective way to put a fun and fresh modern take on the traditional individual cubicle office layout.

How much do workstations cost when reconfiguring your office space? It depends on the open concept office furniture you choose — open-plan office desks, benching systems, standing desks and more are all available to transform your space. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can choose from 26 new open concept office furniture selections to upgrade your office today without spending a fortune. Open plan workstations at Arnold’s start as low as $450, while competitors like Knoll offer their Dividends Workstations for $1,500. Whether it’s through new benching systems or quad stations, trust in new affordable furniture to change up your office’s vibe.

How Much Should I Spend on an Office Chair?

How much you should spend on office chair with white office chair

Just like you need comfortable shoes for a job spent on your feet, you need a comfortable chair for working in an office at a desk for eight hours straight. If you’re working in a chair that doesn’t have proper support, has a broken wheel or just isn’t comfortable, your focus may be on shifting around in your chair and not entirely on the work in front of you, causing the day to drag on in discomfort. Sometimes it’s clear when you’re due for a new chair, but other times you might be wondering when it’s time for an upgrade. Here are a few signs you need a new office chair:

  • Cracked leather or other apparent signs of wear — some companies wouldn’t want anyone to come in and see a visibly old chair
  • Broken or loose chair components that aren’t worth constant maintenance
  • Obvious discomfort
  • The seat has hardened — the soft foam base you sit on has gone bad

All chairs give out eventually and need to be replaced. It’s crucial to invest in high-quality chairs that will last your business for a long time and to avoid cheap, poorly-made chairs that break quickly. What’s keeping you from upgrading your office chairs? Don’t let the new office chair price be the factor holding you back. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, choose from 45 different awesome office chairs sure to last you through plenty of eight-hour workdays. To get the best deal without sacrificing quality, you’re probably wondering, “How much should I spend on an office chair?”

At Arnold’s, find new executive office chairs starting at $229, while Knoll’s Pollock Executive Chair retails for $1,987. The Spine Chair, a premium office chair at Arnold’s, has adjustable seat height, arm-rest heights and headrest with a high back and cushioned leather vertebrae pads. It retails for $329. Steelcase’s Leap Plus, which is also made to mimic the movement of the spine, starts at $1,380 — more than $1,000 above Arnold’s chair — and can exceed $2,000 depending on customizable options. Meanwhile, Haworth’s office desk chairs range from $549 to $1,499 and Herman Miller’s office chairs start at $442 for the most basic armless option and reach upwards of $5,000 for the most executive options.

How Much Do Reception Desks Cost?

Your receptionist’s desk is almost always the first thing you and others see when they walk into the office. Your receptionist serves as the first impression to outsiders, and they should have a comfortable space to work in throughout the day. Reception desks also keep your private files and technology hidden so visitors cannot see your information. In choosing the right reception desk, it’s essential to consider the costs.

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, you have a range of reception desks to select, including models like the Sunline LZ Reception Station, which is $1,195. The Tiburon Mahogany Reception Station W/ Glass is as low as $2,250 and offers plenty of storage and filing space. Our furniture can help you protect your information and give receptionists a functional, attractive place to work.

How Much Does Reception Seating Cost?

Office reception seating gives your guests a comfortable waiting area. If you have a lot of foot traffic in your office, providing a nice seating area for people to wait for meetings or appointments is essential. Depending on your office’s size, the cost of reception seating will vary depending on the number of guests you regularly have. 

Our reception seating varies in price depending on the material and size. Get standalone chairs for as low as $149. We also have large sofas life the Sofa II Reception Seating that start at $20. 

Find the best combination of seating and tables to match your existing office space. 

How Much Do Conference and Boardroom Tables Cost?

If you host many meetings or conferences, you need suitable tables to seat everyone present. When you host a meeting with future or current clients, you want them to have a good impression of your company. Adequate spacing and reliable furnishings can elevate your office’s atmosphere significantly. 

The costs of boardroom and conference tables range from as low as $695 for a standing desk to $1,395 for a large conference table. Depending on how many people you need to seat and how often you use the table, you can limit your search. Arnold’s Office Furniture has you covered no matter what your requirements are. We can help you seat your guests in style.

How Much Should I Budget for Office Furniture?

Now that you have an idea of what you’ll spend on new office furniture, it’s time to start planning. Create a budget to ensure you have the proper funds for replacing your existing office furniture. You might be wondering, “Just how much should I budget for office furniture?” Cost depends on a multitude of variables — how big your business is, how many employees work in the building, what type of new furniture you’re looking to purchase and so on. Ultimately, you know your business and its furniture needs best, but here’s a general guideline on budgeting for new office furniture.

When considering your business’s needs, think about how long you plan to stay in the office and how long you expect the furniture to last. Then, consider available funds. For smaller businesses just starting, funds will likely be more limited, and you may have to purchase new office furniture in waves, rather than everything at once. It’s essential to set realistic limits as furniture is a vital investment. For specific types of furniture, the above sections will help provide general price ranges, but here’s a recap on some of Arnold’s new furniture prices:

  • Desks: Start at around $600 and go up to just below $4,000
  • Cubicles: Basic Sunline Signature Cubicle starts at $429, goes up beyond $3,000 for the biggest, most elaborate options
  • Open-Plan Workstations: Benching, pods, desking and cubicles start at around $400 and goes up to about $1,000 with two sit-stand options exceeding $1,000
  • Chairs: Start at about $70 for most basic options and goes up to $350

Consider these numbers and think about where you plan to end up within these price ranges for each furniture category. Also, think about the quantities you’re looking to add to the office. This will help give you a rough estimate of what you should work toward saving.

Arnold’s offers high-end, high-quality furniture for unbeatable prices, but maybe your business still needs a little help when it comes to payment. If your business is interested in financing options, Arnold’s has financing available with Navitas Credit Corp. — all you need to do is apply online. Plus, with the money you save by shopping at Arnold’s Office Furniture, think of all the other things you could invest in for your office.

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