10 Best Tall Office Cubicles for 2022

What are the best tall cubicles for your office? If you’re trying to answer that question, you’ve come to the right place. Arnold’s Office Furniture has a wide range of office cubicles to meet every design preference and budget.

We’ve gathered our best high-wall workstations in this list. Our top 10 best tall office cubicles are:

1. Sunline Simple Cubicle: 6’x8′ – 65″ High

The 6’x8′ Sunline Simple Cubicle is an excellent choice for larger offices or few employees. You can give every employee an enclosed space and move cubicles as needed.

2. Sunline Simple Cubicle: 5’x5′ – 65″ High

The 5’x5′ Sunline Simple Cubicle is a comfortable workspace with high walls on three sides. You get easy access to your work area and easily gain more privacy.

3. Sunline Simple Cubicle: 4’x2′ – 65″ High

The 4’x2′ Sunline Simple Cubicle is a standard high-back cubicle with plenty of storage space overhead and below. You can add accessories such as monitor arms, shelves and a sit/stand desk.

4. Sunline Sliding Private Office: 8’x10′ – 82.5″ High

For high-privacy operations, the 8’x10′ Sunline Sliding Private Office creates a personal space where you can work freely. Enjoy calls and individual assignments in peace with a private office.

5. Sunline Sliding Private Office: 9’x12′ – 82.5″ High

The 9’x12′ Sunline Sliding Private Office uses space efficiently while giving each employee the room they need to work. The 82.5″ maximum height enforces concentration while maximizing space.

6. Clover 5’x5′ – 65″ High

The Clover 5’x5′ cubicle is perfect for small offices. You’ll have lots of desk space and access to additional accessories for increased storage.

7. Sunline Sliding DropDown Cubicle: 6’x6′ – 65″ High Down to 53″

The Sunline Sliding DropDown Cubicle offers privacy and easy access to peers. You can use the high walls to your advantage without being entirely shut-in.

8. Sunline Sliding DropDown Cubicle: 6’x6′ – 65″ High Down to 41″

The 6’x6′ Sunline Sliding DropDown Cubicle offers more flexibility. If you need to talk to someone, the dropdown lets you do so without interrupting your flow.

9. Clover: 8’x8′

Our Clover 8’x8′ cubicle serves as a more open office space. You’ll have plenty of private room without being completely separated from others.

10. Build Your Own

Custom cubicles are a great option for spaces with unique measurements. If you want more control over your cubicle’s design, use our custom creator to get a quote.

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