10 Best Modular Workstations for 2022

Working during 2020 was a strange experience due to COVID-19 regulations. Businesses had to adapt and create processes for teams to do their jobs from home. As they reopen, companies turn to trusted suppliers like Arnold’s Office Furniture to provide modular workstations for returning employees.

Here is a list of the best modular workstations post-COVID-19:

  1. Sunline Sliding Private Office 9’x12′ – 82.5″ High: This option, with high walls and a door, is the perfect workstation for teams that value comfort, privacy, quiet, space and collaboration.
  2. Sunline Sliding Private Office 8’x10′ – 82.5″ High: If you’re looking for a medium-sized workstation that has high walls for privacy, this private office from Sunline is an ideal choice.
  3. NBF Signature Series At Work Four Person Compact Workstation Set: This workstation is perfect for your office if you’re interested in a set of four connected workstations for one price.
  4. Sunline Simple Cubicle 8’x8′ – 41″ High: This sliding cubicle, which comes with significant desk space, has lower walls, allowing more interaction with the rest of the office.
  5. Sunline Simple Cubicle 6’x6′ – 41″ High: Compact sliding cubicles with lower walls can be an outstanding choice if you need to fit more team members in a small area.
  6. Steelcase Turnstone Tour Workplace: This workstation will help your business cultivate a collaborative space where your employees can meet, share ideas and present their solutions.
  7. Clover 5’x5′ – 65″ High: Small and sturdy, this compact cubicle is perfect for businesses that want a private, economical workstation.
  8. Sunline Simple Cubicle 5’x2′ – 41″ High: This cubicle consists of a desk with walls, which is ideal if you’re low on space but want to encourage your employees to focus on the projects you assign to them.
  9. Sapphire Modern Office Cubicles 8x19x65″ High: This modular workstation option comes at a higher cost than some other workstations, but it is a good choice if you want to receive two connected cubicles for one price.
  10. Clover Call Center 4’x2′ – 53″ High: If your company needs a call center workstation that can fit into tight spaces, this is the choice for you.

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