10 Best Mesh Office Chairs for 2022

What is the best office chair in 2022? We are here to help you find out! We have gathered our most popular mesh office chairs in this post so you’ll know where to start looking for the perfect office seating.

Our top 10 mesh choices are:

1. Ergo Plus

The Ergo Plus is a high-performance chair with the most ergonomic features to date. You get back, lumbar and neck support to help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

2. Ergo Classic

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you need a supportive chair. The Ergo Classic has many ergonomic features for long workdays, including a cushioned seat and back, adjustable lumbar support and adjustable height.

3. Ergo Sled Base Side Chair

Our Ergo Sled Base Side Chair has a unique sled base for balance and comfort. This chair is perfect for a waiting area — your guests can sit comfortably and in style.

4. Ergo Nesting Side Chair

Our Ergo Nesting Side Chair is ideal for when you need to pull up a quick seat. The seat is thickly cushioned for short or long sitting spells.

5. Flexible Mesh Back

Office chairs can be both stylish and comfortable. The Flexible Mesh Back chair comes with a black or gray frame and various colors to match your environment.

6. Stackable Mesh Chair

Our Stackable Mesh Chair is perfect for larger spaces or meetings. If you need a large number of chairs for crowds, our affordable mesh chairs are easy to store and pull out when ended.

7. REX Office Chair

The REX Office Chair comes with a convenient foldable table, ideal for jotting down meeting notes or ideas. This mesh chair also comes in multiple colors.

8. Butterfly Chair

If you want both beauty and comfort, the Butterfly Chair is a great combination. The Y-shaped back and thickly padded seat offer plenty of support. Choose from various colors to match your office.

9. HUP Chair

The HUP Chair has a unique shape to set your seating apart from the rest. The breathable mesh comes in numerous colors to brighten up your space, and it can help your posture.

10. Guest Chair

The Guest Chair is perfect for a reception area or waiting room. The mesh material is comfortable and lightweight.

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