Our 10 Best Reception Desks for 2022

Your reception desk is one of the first things visitors see when they come to your office. Your receptionist is the face of your office, and their workspace directly impacts their productivity. Arnold’s has gathered the top 10 best reception desks in 2022 to give your office a great first impression.

Find reception desks you’ll love in 2022 from Arnold’s Office Furniture.

The Best Reception Desks and Suites From Arnold’s

Here are our top 10 choices for reception desks:

1. NA Reception Station

The NA Reception Station comes with a transaction top and built-in cabinets. There are two locking drawers and a CPU cabinet, so you have plenty of storage for client notes and information.

2. Napoline L-Shaped Reception Station

The Napoline L-Shaped Reception Station is a sturdy wood desk with a clear glass transaction top. If you prefer classic wooden furniture, you’ll enjoy this model in dark brown or cherry finishes.

3. Mahogany Laminate Reception Station

Our Mahogany Laminate Reception Station is a classic mahogany laminate desk with a bow front. This piece is both stylish and functional in any office.

4. Mahogany Reception Station

The Mahogany Reception Station is a sophisticated and durable wooden reception desk. The dimensions are 6′ by 6′, and you get built-in drawers and cabinets. This model comes in both cherry and mahogany.

5. Arnold’s Brand Wood Reception Station

The Arnold’s Brand Wood Reception Station includes a three-drawer pedestal and a bow front. Made from real cherry wood, this 6′ by 6′ L-shaped reception station is perfect for any office space.

6. Beautiful Sunline Reception Station

The Beautiful Sunline Reception Station has various footprints, heights, work surfaces and panel colors. If you want a custom feel for your reception station, this model is an excellent option.

7. Sunline I Reception Station

The Sunline I Reception Station is perfect for businesses with multiple receptions. We have various panel colors and sizes to fit any office, including large and small spaces.

8. IK Reception Station

Our IK Reception Station has unique architecture that makes your office stand out. You can choose from oak, walnut and marble desktop colors to fit your taste.

9. Sunline II Reception Station

The Sunline II Reception Station comes in 41″, 53″ and 65″ heights. You can add and remove panels within minutes and customize your setup.

10. Sunline LZ Reception Station

The Sunline LZ Reception Station comes in four different wood finishes and offers plenty of privacy. Impress your guests with this sleek wooden station at the front of your office.

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