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Receptionist desks are often the second things you'll notice upon entering a business' waiting area, right behind the smiles and greetings of those working behind them. They are built to speak to a customer about what type of business they are entering and to provide an ergonomic workstation for receptionists.

Reception desks are also chosen to help match the customer’s waiting area. That could mean a glass-fronted desk painted matte black to contrast the brightly lit, white-walled room with similar-colored furniture, or a stained wooden desk to match more rustic or antique decor.

Types of Reception Furniture

From desks to seats to end tables and more, reception furniture is about as varied as all the furniture in your home. Because you want to create an environment that keeps your customers comfortable while waiting, choosing the types of furniture you want to include in your waiting room is of utmost importance. Even more, you’ll want to keep your reception station as workable and comfortable as possible for the employee waiting on these patient guests.

You’ll want these comfortable arrangements to be as staid as possible while still offering comfort. Some common types of reception furniture include:

Reception Desks

As we mentioned before, the reception desk and its placement is the centerpiece to your waiting room. They can be made of myriad materials and a variety of finishes and shapes. They can also be large or small and have room for one person or a few people, depending on the size of the waiting room.

Choose your reception desk with care — it can unconsciously leave a first impression on your business.

Coffee and End Tables

A good way to round out your reception area is with end tables or a coffee table. These can be made from traditional materials, such as glass or stainless steel, or with glass tops for a more modern look.

End and corner tables are ideal places for a guest to place their purse or handbag, as well as a good surface to place an end lamp. They can be made complete with the addition of reading materials such as magazines or local newspapers.

A coffee table — good at holding cups of coffee and reading materials alike — is a piece you can build around, instead of a space you fill in. Because seats built around coffee tables face each other, this gives guests seated there ample opportunity to talk to one another, which can help make the time go by quickly.

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