10 Best Boardroom Tables for 2022

Boardroom tables are essential for businesses because employees use them to collaborate with their teams, present information, and brainstorm new ideas to help the company thrive. COVID-19 put a halt to in-person work in 2020, but businesses are opening up again. As in-person meetings replace Zoom calls, you’ll need the top conference room tables for your returning employees.

Here is a list of the top boardroom tables post-COVID-19:

  1. Sunline EY Custom Conference Table: Sunline stands out from other companies because its products are customizable, and this conference table is no exception. Make this option your own by choosing from four colors and selecting the best size for your space.
  2. Sunline MN Series Conference Table: This beautiful table has a polished design that will fit well in any style boardroom. Whether your office is classic or modern, this table will integrate into your environment.
  3. Regency Prestige Mahogany Conference Table: Straightforward functionality is a traditional boardroom table made of solid wood. Get one that’s simple to assemble with this option.
  4. Sunline LZ Conference Table: This boardroom table is light and airy. It has rounded edges and a sleek design that will effortlessly fit into any conference room.
  5. HG V Conference Table: Growing businesses need large tables accommodating 12 people. Choose this model to integrate more seating into sophisticated environments.
  6. Ameriwood Home Pursuit Small Conference Table for Six: Sometimes, tables with fewer team members encourage better collaboration. If that’s the case for your office, this oval conference table would be perfect for your company.
  7. Newport Espresso Conference Table: This oval conference table is another smaller option. It comes in a rich espresso color that embodies elegance.
  8. Sunline NA Conference Table: The best choice for many companies is a boardroom table that’s simple but effective. This Sunline conference table is a classic option.
  9. Basyx BL Laminate Series Rectangular Conference Table: Office furniture should be an economical addition to your office. This table is an excellent choice if your business needs well-constructed and inexpensive tables.
  10. Lifetime 80176 Folding Conference Table: This conference table is great because you can set it up wherever you need it. A boardroom table like this will benefit spaces that you use for more than weekly or monthly meetings.

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