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Zappos: The Most Awesome Employee Cubicles Ever?

We’ve toured a lot of places in our time: historical monuments, tiny villages in faraway lands, and more parks than we can count. But until we read about Zappos’ corporate culture, we never heard of anyone touring cubicles.

But that’s just what 1200 visitors a month sign up to do, led by “culture guides” who bring both the idly curious and budding entrepreneurs through Zappos’ offices in Henderson, Nevada. Based outside of Las Vegas, Zappos sells shoes, accessories and apparel via its website. The company is organized around 10 Family Core Values, including, most awesomely, “Create fun and a little weirdness.”

These cubicles are ample evidence of both.

Zappos Blog Bus


Part Mystery Machine, part your-Dad’s-VW-bus, the Zappos Blog Bus is the coolest cubicle ever and home to the Zappos blog team. We would like to hitch a ride with them.

It’s a Jungle In There


Things we approve of: the plants that seem to be taking over this dude’s office, the general aura of creative clutter, the box of Wheaties with this guy’s face on it. Things we disapprove of: the Ugg. Although maybe cubicle trophy is the right use for the world’s ugliest shoe.

Oh, by the way, this guy? The man in the photo? Is Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO. He has a cube, just like his employees.

Bull’s Eye


Here’s what we love about this cube: It clearly started out as the standard gray burlap jobbie, and then someone erected a tent over it, stuffed a couch in the back, and put up a dart board. This is the kind of creative, fun coworker that every office needs.

Powered by Lunch


Zappos’ slogan is “Powered by Service.” Its employees are powered by free lunch and snacks.

Zappos, Where the Customer Is King


Best of all, if you visit, you can get a sweet picture of yourself dressed up as a king or queen and see it posted to the interwebs.

Want to see these awesome cubicles for yourself? Zappos offers four free tours a day, and a “Tour Plus” for $47. Want more? There’s also a two-day boot camp that offers “New age effective management techniques” for $3,997.

Or you could stay home, tool over to (Zappos’ parent company since 2009) and buy a copy of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s bestseller “Delivering Happiness.” The back cover lists 10 reasons to buy the book. No. 1 is: “This book makes an excellent fire-starter.” With a sense of humor like that, it’s no wonder his off-beat company is a success.

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