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The cubicles of today offer much more versatility than the drab, gray cubes of the past, ensuring your employees have a workspace that they can enjoy. Plus, each of our 6' x 8' cubicle designs features longer walls and a larger surface area. This setup will give your workers plenty of room, maximizing their efficiency and comfort. 

Cubicles have long been the ideal way to maximize limited office space, giving your workers an area they can call their own. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we carry a variety of cubicle sizes to make sure you can find the right layout for your business. One of our most popular configurations is the 6′ x 8′ cubicle.

The Benefits of 6′ X 8′ Cubicles

When you shop with Arnold’s Office Furniture, our variety of cubicle configurations will make it a breeze to find exactly what you need to create a modern and efficient office space. Our 6′ x 8′ cubicles are larger than average workstations, making them an ideal choice for employees who need ample room to accomplish their assigned tasks. It’s also great for managers and directors, as it makes overseeing workers simple and straightforward.

When you choose our 6′ x 8′ office cubicles, you’ll find that they offer incredible benefits to your employees. You can expect:

  • Ample internal working space to get jobs accomplished
  • Room for a small guest chair for in-cubicle meetings
  • Privacy and uninterrupted productivity and focus
  • Face-to-face communication with other workers while standing
  • Plenty of space for storage and other project essentials

Arnold’s Customization Options for New 6′ X 8′ Cubicles

Every company’s specific needs are unique. That’s why Arnold’s Office Furniture gives you numerous ways to customize your cubicles. You can improve your employees’ efficiency and comfort by providing custom workstation solutions designed to accommodate your company’s work style.

We offer the following customization options:

  • Height: Arnold’s lets you determine the size of your 6′ x 8′ cubicles, so you can furnish your office with workstations that meet your needs. Choose a height for your cubicles that will optimize your employees workstations for comfort and safety.
  • Brand: With Arnold’s, you get access to various office furniture brands so that you can pick the best brand of cubicles for your company. Choose from among the most popular brand names for office furniture, including our top-selling Sunline cubicles.
  • Accessories: You can furnish your new cubicles from Arnold’s Office Furniture with some extra accessories to improve your employees’ workflow. Get additional storage, tack boards, drawers or other accessories so your workers can organize their space and complete tasks more efficiently.
  • Material: The material of your cubicle impacts the price, quality and life expectancy of the product. Arnold’s gives you a wide selection of materials to choose from, so you can find the one best suited to your office environment and budget.
  • Color: Color can play an important role in your office’s mood. Specific colors can influence your employees’ emotions and productivity. Choose a cubicle color that suits your office’s existing aesthetic and has a positive effect on your employees.
  • Shape: Choose from a large selection of shape options to get a cubicle that will meet your employees’ needs the best. Our 6′ x 8′ cubicles can be reconfigured easily, so you can change the layout or location of your cubicles even after their initial installation.

Create a Healthier Work Environment With a 6′ x 8′ Cubicle Layout

Foster a safer, healthier workspace with strategically arranged cubicles that promote social distancing and discourage the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Arnold’s 6′ x 8′ cubicles provide companies with workstations that can help protect employees from illness with increased social distancing and protective barriers.

These cubicles are easy to clean and rearrange, so if an employee becomes sick, you can effectively restructure your layout to increase separation and reduce other employees’ exposure risk.

You can also sanitize the 6′ x 8′ cubicle workstations with Microban, eliminating bacteria, germs and fungi. The reassurance of working in a clean environment can help promote productivity, increasing your company’s efficiency.

Design Your Ideal Office Layout With Arnold’s

When you purchase your 6′ x 8′ cubicles or any other workstations or office furniture from Arnold’s Office Furniture, you’ll get the help of our office layout experts free of charge. Finding the right cubicle configurations is a hassle and can lead to a lot of stress as you strive to maximize your office space, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

With Arnold’s by your side, you can utilize every inch of space. We’ll help you create a layout that allows for comfortable passage between cubicles, keeping your workers from feeling cramped or claustrophobic and generating a more positive atmosphere.

When you order 6′ x 8′ or any other cubicles from Arnold’s, you’ll find that these workstations are:

  • Stylish: Find cubicles that fit seamlessly into your décor, with a variety of colors, fabrics and finishes to choose from.
  • Customizable: Options like storage, shelving, lights, center drawers, tack boards and more will allow your cubicle setup to have everything your workers need to get their tasks done efficiently.
  • Reconfigurable: Whether you’re changing locations or need to switch things up, our 6′ x 8′ cubicles can be easily transported or reconfigured.
  • Affordable: At Arnold’s, you’ll find the best deals on brand new, stylish cubicles. In fact, our options are half what you’d pay with competing office furniture brands.

Contact Arnold’s for Your Ideal 6′ X 8′ Cubicle Layout

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