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As always, but especially now during COVID-19, you can turn to us for stopping the spread of illnesses in the workplace.
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Prevent the Spread of Illnesses

One of the best ways to encourage social distancing at work without shutting down or transitioning to remote work is to give employees adequate space and privacy to get their jobs done. Cubicles are the leading and best way to do that, promoting health and better productivity. Arnold’s Office Furniture is the sole distributor of SUNLINE office cubicles. The design of our adjustable cubicles allows you to rearrange them in as little as one day. So, during the winter months or amid an infectious disease outbreak, you can easily restructure your office to give employees more space and help limit the spread of viruses.



Our 6-by-6 foot cubicles are the perfect size to let your team practice safe social distancing whenever viruses spread. We also offer larger 6-by-8 foot and 8-by-8 foot office cubicles for more protection. Our SUNLINE cubicles have partitions up to 83 inches high to help curb the spread of airborne viruses.
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Floor to Ceiling Offices

Attractive and practical, floor-to-ceiling cubicles provide a safe space for team members as they return to the office. These unique types of fully enclosed cubicles allow individuals to safely work in the office and practice social distancing throughout the day.
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Full Offices

As a final option, if you’re looking to really separate and rebuild, our full-office demountable partitions option is for you. With the maximum amount of privacy and separation, these demountable panel partitions provide privacy and the option for total separation.
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Added Protection

We can also treat our panels and dividers with Microban, a potent antimicrobial formula that can stop bacteria, fungi and mold. You can reapply this treatment every three months to ensure you have protection from microbes all year long.

Take the Next Step Towards a Healthier Workplace

Whatever method of separation you choose, know that Arnold’s offers unparalleled flexibility. We can deliver and assemble items after-hours or on weekends, so you can get the products you need when them. Safety and efficiency are our priorities. For the DIY options in our catalog, we also have over-the-phone support available.

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