Sunline Sliding Quad Team Station:
6’x6′ Quad – 41″ High

Sunline Sliding Quad Team Station:
6'x6' Quad - 41" High

SKU: 1510

  • Sunline Sliding Quad Team Station 6X6 Quad – 41 High 001 v001 blue
  • Sunline Sliding Quad Team Station 6X6 Quad – 41 High 001 v001 charcoal
  • Sunline Sliding Quad Team Station 6X6 Quad – 41 High 001 v001 light grey

Sunline Sliding Quad Team Station:
6’x6′ Quad – 41″ High

SKU: 1510

Sunline panels connect easily with no tools required.
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  • Included in Pricing: Panels and Work Surface
  • Accessories Available for an Additional Price:
    • File Cabinet
    • Sit Stand Desk
    • Monitor Arms
    • Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Variety of Fabric Options Available
  • Variety of Work Surface Options Available

Updating your work areas can be simple when you buy the 41-inch high quad team workstation from Sunline. Instead of having to purchase new furniture each time your team or company changes, you can trust Sunline systems, which are modern enough to change with you.

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Charcoal, Light Gray, Blue

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The Sunline sliding cubicle is the easiest cubicle in the world to assemble or disassemble and reconfigure.

When you buy the 6×6 quad team workstation from Sunline, you can choose from a range of sizes, surface finishes, dividers and colors, customizing your work area to be open concept and collaborative or focused on individual work as needed. And when your needs change, you can simply reconfigure the work areas to fit a larger or smaller team.

When you buy a sliding quad team workstation from Sunline, you’ll be investing in the future of your company’s productivity. With the right mix of attractive finishes and functionality along with plenty of space for filing cabinets, printers and more, this system will set your workers up for success. You can even incorporate small spaces where team members can meet with each other. There’s room enough for two in these workstations!


If you’re ready to buy a Sunline sliding quad team workstation to make your office space elegant and productive, Arnold’s Office Furniture has you covered. With 24/7 sales availability and online estimates as well as nationwide delivery and installation, we can take the guesswork out of your next workstation purchase.

When you buy your Sunline quad workstations from Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can apply for financing right from our website and enjoy a high-quality, customizable new workstation for less than the cost of some used models. How’s that for value? Say goodbye to constantly spending money and time on updates to your furniture. Buy the Sunline quad system for a workstation solution designed to grow with you.




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