New Office Furniture Installation and Delivery in Chicago

Is your current office furniture not cutting it? Or, are you celebrating a new office and looking for design experts to create the perfect workplace? Whatever the case, Arnold’s has you covered. We specialize in the design, delivery and installation of business office furniture, and we can help your Chicago business every step of the way. 

Continue reading to learn more about how we can help you maximize your space to boost employee productivity and impress prospective clientele.

How to Design the Perfect Office for Your Chicago Business

How to Design the Perfect Office for Your Chicago Business

Here are some modern Chicago office design trends you can implement in your business.

1. Use Space Wisely

Think about all the spaces you’ll want to incorporate into your office. Likely, these include a reception area, employee lounge, conference room and workspace. Your workspaces will take up at least 50% of your office, as that’s where most of the action happens. As you design your area, think about your office’s natural flow and strategize your furniture accordingly.

2. Incorporate Comfortable Furniture

A whopping 25% of workers say uncomfortable workstations and chairs are hindering their daily productivity. Taking these responses, supplying your employees with comfortable furniture — such as ergonomic chairs or standing desks — can boost productivity. And, when employees are more productive, they’ll go above and beyond expectations. They’ll collaborate more, complete tasks on time and avoid distractions like checking social media or procrastination.

3. Add Organizational Accessories

The organization plays a crucial role in workplace productivity. Organized employees are more productive because they spend less time looking for essential documents or sorting through a mountain of clutter. Equip every office space with adequate organizational tools, such as:

  • File boxes
  • Wardrobe cabinets
  • Overhead storage
  • Shelves
  • Whiteboards

4. Implement Branding Strategies

As you strategize your office layout and furniture, be sure to consider your business’ brand. Think about your branding strategy, including your brand persona and other visual factors such as fonts, colors and logos. Incorporate these elements into your design to create a strong sense of culture and showcase your image to prospective clients. You can incorporate your brand by finding furniture that matches your color palette or communicating your personality through a furniture style, such as modern or casual.

Arnold’s Office Furniture Options for Businesses in Chicago

Consider working with Arnold’s for business office furniture that you, your employees and your clients will enjoy. Some of our furniture options include the following.

  • Reception and lounge: Your reception and lounge furniture should make a great first impression. And, with Arnold’s modern office furniture in Chicago, your business will stand out amid the crowd. Choose from our wide selection of reception desks, including many versatile options.
  • Desks: Desks are a fundamental part of your office design. After all, where else are employees supposed to work? We have a great selection of desks that keep up with modern trends, like standing and group-seating desks. 
  • Chairs: Chairs provide your employees and clients with comfort. They’re a crucial part of your business, so you must pick the right ones. Some of the chairs we offer are armless, conference, ergonomic and executive office chairs, plus many more!
  • Conferences tables: When it’s time to put your heads together, do so using one of our conference tables. Arnold’s has over 40 unique designs for you to choose from in many different sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one to satisfy your group’s needs.
  • Sunline sliding cubicles: Sunline sliding cubicles are the pride of our product catalog. Sunline shook up standard office cubicles in Chicago and transformed them into an innovative, completely customizable design. Choose a cubicle layout that works for you — pick the walls, surface spaces, storage and other accessories that will enhance your employees’ performance and workplace enjoyment. And, if your workers want to rearrange their cubicles to complement their workflow, they can!

Professional Office Furniture Design, Delivery and Installation Services in Chicago

Working with Arnold’s happens in three steps — design, delivery, and installation. We’ve worked with over 1,000 businesses over our 90 years of operation, and we’ve got the perfect formula to create the optimum office design. Plus, we’re familiar with hundreds of different office furniture and configurations, so we can knowledgeably advise you on the best furniture to use. 

Diving further into office design, delivery, and installation for your Chicago business, here’s what you can expect when working with Arnold’s.

  • Design: We offer complimentary professional design services for all our customers. A team of experts will look at your floor plans, carefully analyze your goals and then work with you to design a layout that brings your vision to life.
  • Delivery: Arnold’s offers two forms of office furniture delivery in Chicago — freight carrier service, where we deliver your design, and our full white-glove service, where we bring your furniture and install it for you. Both come at a reasonable price with friendly customer service.
  • Installation: With our premium service, Arnold’s will send a team of experienced staff to install your furniture for you, no strings attached. We know how valuable our promise is to you, which is why our installation team will ensure your floor plan is what you expect — perfection.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture and Cubicle Installation in Chicago?

Whether you’re renovating a large- or small-scale project, Arnold’s has you covered. We specialize in affordable, high-quality modern business furniture that will impress your clients and keep your employees productive.

Our determination puts us head and shoulders above the competition. We’re determined to create an office layout that’s unique and perfect for your business. And, you don’t have to worry about working with other movers or installers — we’ll design, deliver and install your entire project for you. Just ask our customers!

Our goal is to deliver a quality experience for all our customers. We have almost 200 Google Reviews raving about our first-class products, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service. Visit our customer testimonial page, browse through some of the testimonials and learn firsthand what makes us such an exceptional partner through these real experiences.

Contact Arnold's for Reliable New Office Furniture and Delivery

Contact Arnold’s for Reliable New Office Furniture and Delivery

We’re ready when you are. Browse our products online and see what we have to offer. Then, contact us online and connect with one of our representatives, who will provide you with a free quote on your project’s design, delivery, and installation costs. We look forward to working with you.

Delivery and Installation at a Great Price to Chicago, IL

Delivery and Installation to Chicago charges are based on distance from our warehouses as well as the complexity of the installation. A simple installation might be as low as $150 per desk whereas a more complex installation might cost about $400 per cubicle. In every case, we will work hard to combine items and we always secure multiple bids for shipping to your area to make sure you get the best price. For an exact quote, please fill out the request a quote form with as much detail as possible and we will contact you promptly.