Office Furniture in Charlotte, North Carolina

Moving your business to Charlotte, North Carolina, or looking to revamp your local office space? Arnold’s Office Furniture is your full-service partner, standing by to deliver high quality at a low cost. We’re your one-stop shop for reception furniture, standing desks, office chairs, conference tables, open plan furniture and office cubicles in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer advice, layout planning and project management to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new office.

As a nationwide furniture company, we offer complete office furniture installation in Charlotte to medium and large businesses like yours. Whether you’re near Charlotte, Concord, Mathews, Gastonia or Rock Hill, Arnold’s has you covered in the Queen City!

Modern Office Furniture in Charlotte, North Carolina

Arnold’s is a furniture company delivering around the country, and we offer many office solutions for your Charlotte, North Carolina, business, including:

Affordable Cubicles in Charlotte, North Carolina

Looking for office cubicles in Charlotte that blend style, function, comfort and flexibility? Meet the Sunline sliding cubicle system, the latest in adaptable workstation design. These modular cubicles have sliding components that lock into place, letting you customize everything from your workspace layout to your divider wall height. They come in several sizes, from 8-foot cubes to smaller footprint 4-foot by 2-foot workstations.

With their modular design, you have the freedom to design your workplace for maximum productivity. Remove the dividers between teammates while keeping walls high next to high-traffic corridors. Choose any configuration that works for your floorplan and workflows, and change it at any time. Whether you move to a new location or completely rearrange your office, Sunline cubicles can roll with the punches.

These adaptive and flexible workstations are incredibly affordable, available for a fraction of the cost of other non-modular systems. Plus, when you’re ready to install them, you’ll save as much time as you will money. The average professional cubicle installation takes roughly four hours per unit. When you choose Sunline cubicles from Arnold’s, your office cubicle installation in Charlotte can average just one hour per workstation. Whenever you want to disassemble and rearrange your cubicles, do it efficiently without any special tools or skills.

Open-Plan Benching Systems

If cubicles aren’t your style, check out our modern and stylish benching system workstations. They let you keep teams and co-workers in easy reach of one another and promote teamwork and communication by breaking down barriers. Find workstations that fit up to six workers and choose from finishes and configurations that fit your office’s overarching aesthetic.

Reception Furniture

No office is complete without lounge furniture. Comfortable sofas are as stylish as they are functional. They greet visitors in your main lobby and give your entire workplace a homier feel when placed strategically throughout the office. Our reception and lounge furniture collection has options to meet every style. Choose from sleek leather couches, plushy loveseats with throw pillows, whimsical stools and modern chairs with privacy screens. Add a touch of color with custom upholstery options, or stick to power and professionalism with black or white soft seating.

Conference and Boardroom Tables

Looking for a distinguished, wood-finish boardroom table to impress your biggest clients and top executives, or something more contemporary? How about a sleek and efficient standing height conference table? Maybe you’re on the hunt for some intimate four-person tables for your breakout rooms or round café tables to fill out your collaborative, open-plan employee lounge. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, our boardroom and conference table collection has something for everyone.

Professional Design, Installation and Delivery Services in Charlotte

The Arnold’s Office Furniture difference is that we partner with you through your entire process. We don’t sit by idly while you compare options, work them into your floorplan and then navigate confusing assembly instructions. When we say we’re full service, we mean it. All you have to do is pick the styles you love and watch as our in-house CAD designers make them work for your space. When your final picks arrive at your building, you don’t have to lift a finger as our professional crew assembles and arranges everything.

Learn how we manage your furniture project from start to finish.

Office Design and Furniture Layout

Office Design and Furniture Layout

Maybe this story feels familiar — you’re looking over an empty room with a tape measure in one hand and a roll of painter’s tape in the other. You’ve made blue boxes on the floor where all the desks are supposed to go, and questions flood your thoughts. Will these shaped desks look good in this room? Will they really fit how I’ve laid them out? Is this the best organization for the employees who will use them? What if we change our minds and want to rearrange them later? As much as you try, you can’t envision the finished office space in all its glory.

Office design in Charlotte, North Carolina, doesn’t have to be so complicated. At Arnold’s, we’ll take care of everything with our complimentary design and space planning services. All you have to do is send us your floor plan and your wish list. Whether you know the exact furniture models you want or you’re on the fence about several styles, we’ll create fully furnished floor plan options under your parameters.

Take a look at your layout options and work with us to refine them to perfection. You’re also free to break the mold and create your dream office layout, perfectly tailored to maximize your team’s productivity.

Delivery and Installation Services

If you’ve ever put together furniture — whether for an apartment, house or commercial office — you know all the challenges that come with it. Confusing instructions and hard-to-read black and white diagrams are only the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, more confusion sets in. Is my kit missing a fastener, or did it roll under the radiator? Potentially even worse is finishing the assembly with leftover parts. Am I supposed to have extra screws, or did I do something wrong?

With the professional install crew at Arnold’s Office Furniture, we take all the uncertainty out of the equation. Once you approve your project proposal, we get to work collecting your products from our 150,000-square-foot warehouse. We ship nationwide, offering full-service office furniture delivery in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding region. We’ll schedule your delivery at your preferred time, and work around your building’s receiving conditions.

We’re the go-to office furniture installation company in Charlotte, North Carolina, because we’re meticulous and efficient. Arnold’s carries the world’s fastest-to-install cubicles, and our installation crew makes the process effortless.

When we arrive, we take careful inventory of your delivered furniture and parts and follow up on any issues before we begin. We assemble and install your furniture to the manufacturer’s specifications so you can maintain your warranty and ensure stability and safety. Through it all, we work around your schedule, so you get your new furniture set up with minimal disruptions.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in the Charlotte Area?

At Arnold’s, we work with companies throughout North Carolina to deliver attractive office furniture at an even more attractive price. Our goal is to make your shopping as smooth as possible, inform your decisions and offer a fantastic experience along the way.

We’re Not Like the Rest — We’re Project-Based

When you shop for office furniture at a big box store, you’re on your own. It’s up to you to figure out what you need and measure, assemble and arrange everything. When you’re outfitting a multistory building with dozens or hundreds of workstations, you need a company with the inventory capacity to get you what you need quickly. They should share their expertise and work until you’re 100% satisfied with the furniture and layout you’ve chosen.

With Arnold’s Office Furniture, that’s exactly what you get. We furnish your building from the executive boardroom to the first-floor lobby and all the workspaces in between. Besides our fantastic furniture inventory ready to ship from our expansive warehouse, we cover design, delivery and installation. Check your furniture sourcing project off your to-do list.

We Offer High Quality at a Low Cost

It’s hard to believe our Sunline modular sliding cubicle system comes at a fraction of other cubicles’ list prices. They’re the modern cubicle innovation carving out the future in flexible office design, and they’ll still cost you less than the other guys. We take that approach with all the products we offer. Everything from your desk chairs to your conference tables will look attractive and stand sturdy while meeting your budget constraints.

Revamp Your Charlotte Office With Arnold's Office Furniture

Revamp Your Charlotte Office With Arnold’s Office Furniture

Let us take the reins on your furniture project and help you get the style you crave on the timeline and budget you expect. Simply request your free quote online or by dialing 601-272-2050. We’ll match you with an expert project manager who can field all your questions, offer advice and oversee your layout design, delivery and installation. We can’t wait to see your new, tailored-to-you office space and all your team accomplishes from within.