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When you're looking at new office furniture for sale, you want to select items of superior quality that will endure as your business grows and expands. From office chairs and desks to cubicles, Arnold's stocks modern office furniture for businesses. We are ready to assist you as you reconfigure your company's layout or decide on a completely new interior.

Arnold's Office Furniture

Why Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture for Your Office Furniture Needs?

We are a full-service office furniture company that can help your business with the design, delivery and installation of modern furnishings. We make the entire process simple by following your plan or ideas to arrange your furniture into the best possible layout. Some of the many unique benefits of working with Arnold’s include:

1. The Design Process Is Customizable

When you buy office furniture online, you want sellers who will listen to your expectations and strive to give you exactly what you want. We can review your current floor plan and any design ideas you have prepared. Include requests in writing or send specific requirements for our design team to handle. We use digital technology to generate a suitable layout if you prefer custom work.

Select one of our pre-made designs, or create something completely different. We offer design layouts free of charge when you purchase our office cubicles. Because our work is unique to your needs, you will receive a high-quality, efficient design.

2. We Deliver Nationwide With Custom Shipping Options

We handle orders of all sizes, from single items to bulk orders of hundreds of workstations. Two forms of shipping are available to all customers, so you can choose the option that would work the best for you. We have:

  • Freight carrier service: Choose this option if you want to set up and install your own order, with our team remaining available to answer questions about how to install the items. This service offers the lowest rates and may be the best for small orders.
  • Full white glove service: When you order with our premium service option, our team will install your furniture upon delivery. This service is ideal if you require a large order.

3. We Have a Professional Installation Team

Our team is equipped to install the large-scale order your office may require. Whether you are getting new cubicle workstations or office desks, we can assemble your furniture correctly and efficiently. We assist with staging your office’s layout directly, ensuring your floor plan looks the way you expect.

When you buy furniture online, you might have limited options in terms of the installation. When you order from a vendor who handles small orders and lacks this service, you have to hire your own movers or set up the new furniture yourself. Our installation team’s goal is for you to be satisfied with your order and the new configuration.

Our Office Furniture Options

Our contemporary office furniture is universally used in many industries. Your on-site office location deserves quality features at a reasonable price. We stock furniture built for your primary operations, whether you have 50 workers or over 500.

We have a wide variety of new office furniture available at our warehouses, including:



Our office desk cubicles are designed with the individual worker in mind. Cubicle workstations are valuable for giving each worker personal space while also allowing for visibility in the office. Cubicles also let you make excellent use of your building’s square footage, providing room for as many employees as possible.

Some of the other benefits of a cubicle layout for your office are that it:

  • Can keep employees on task.
  • Is one of the most affordable layouts available.
  • Makes space for many workers in a small area.
  • Gives each employee enough room to feel comfortable.
  • Separates workers from outside distractions.
  • Allows some privacy when a worker needs to leave the office space.

Open Office Plans with Benching Systems

An open benching system can be reconfigured as your business expands, allowing your company to adjust over time. This leads to less costly expansion that takes little time compared to moving and rearranging other setups. Benching stations are also great for sparing space while limiting barriers between workers, especially if your current office design lacks room and openness.

Our open floor plans with benching stations are valuable for the following reasons:

  • Increasing flexibility in the workplace.
  • Promoting creativity and outside-the-box thinking.
  • Saving space in unique ways.
  • Customizing workstations with a high degree of openness.
  • Offering a cost-effective office furniture solution.

Office Desks

It’s important to have an office where your employees can focus on their tasks without feeling uncomfortable. Getting office desks designed for ergonomics can help reduce back discomfort and joint pain for your busy workers. Browse our collection of modern, adjustable office desks designed to last.

Whether you’re looking for office cubicle desks or desks for a lounge setup, selecting the right ones will benefit your workers because:

  • Desks are designed to support regularly used technology like computers and printers.
  • Workers can comfortably position themselves to use their computers.
  • Workers can request standing desks and work more productively their way.



Setting up your office with ergonomic chairs also makes a big difference in terms of your workers’ comfort. The benefits of getting new office chairs include:

  • Higher productivity: Comfortable chairs help employees focus fully on their work instead of getting distracted by their environment.
  • Enhanced visual appeal: A modern chair design provides a sleek look to a professional office space.
  • Reduced health care expenses and time off: Employees with chronic pain or other issues have an easier time staying seated for their shifts. Your workers will potentially seek medical care less frequently due to issues caused by poor posture.
  • Promoting community care: Adjustable chairs are best for workstations where employees vary in height and weight. If you also seat visitors or clients, adjustable chairs can best accommodate your guests.

Conference Tables

Having a stylish conference table can benefit your business’s layout whether you have several meetings in a typical month or if your employees use the conference space for planning and making other arrangements. You can also save money on renting community spaces to hold your meetings. Select a conference table to accommodate all members of your meetings instead of paying extra for your special event, business discussions or casual gatherings.

The benefits of having a conference table are:

  • Professional aesthetic: A conference table gives your office a professional finishing touch where your workers can gather to discuss important events.
  • Long-term budget benefits: Even if you only hold a few annual meetings that would require a conference space, having your own table makes these events more affordable.
  • Versatility: Use your conference area to discuss services with clients, have one-on-ones with employees or meet with stakeholders and management.

Lounge Furniture

Office lounge furniture is more than a welcome luxury. This style of furniture expresses creativity in an office and encourages your workers to move around. Some of the many other benefits of lounge furniture include: 

  • Promoting social connections and comfort: Lounge furniture encourages employees to comfortably share space to discuss ideas or collaborate. It creates an atmosphere the most similar to a home.
  • Providing more seating options: Lounge furniture includes side tables, ottomans and other pieces that might be less used in a traditional setup. These additional options allow employees to work in the ways that are most comfortable for them.
  • Creating a contemporary setting: More workers in collaborative or creative industries prefer casual environments that allow them to get to know colleagues more easily. This type of setup creates a sense of community and belonging.
  • Offering a space for visitors: If your office hosts visitors like customers or business partners, a lounge gives them a place to comfortably wait for meetings. You might even use your lounge area to conduct more casual meetings in.

Break Room Furniture

Your break room furniture sets the tone for your team’s rest times during the workday, so they should be comfortable, stylish and flexible. Our break room furniture products include break room tables and chairs with various designs, materials and shapes to suit your space.

These break room furniture pieces bring together function and style. Our tables feature laminated surfaces for easy cleaning and sturdy bases for heavy use. With plenty of colors and shapes available, companies can find tables that suit their space in every way.

Our chair options include stackable, armless and mesh office chairs for optimal comfort and practicality.

Our Most Popular Office Furniture Products

Our Most Popular Office Furniture Products

Our most popular items are usually the most versatile. Some of our most highly rated products include the following:

1. Office Desks

The HL Gray Steel Modern Desk With Glass has a sleek, U-shaped design. It can add a touch of elegance to your office, along with plenty of room for technology and supplies. This desk is universal, with lots of options for conforming to a layout.

The Mall Series Desk is another U-shaped option with a modesty panel and wardrobe cabinet. It has a warm aesthetic with a spacious design.

2. Seating

If you’re looking for ergonomic rolling chairs, the Ergo Classic offers the highest degree of comfort and support. It supports up to 330 pounds and is adjustable from 42 inches to 48 inches.

For wheelless chairs that combine portability with functionality, check out the Stackable Chair With Tablet Arm. These space-saving chairs come in three different sizes. You can mix and match the fun color options or choose a uniform look.

A great affordable option for additional business furniture is the Clean Stacking Office Chair. Designed to look good when resting side by side, these chairs will grace your cafeteria, break room or meeting room with a tasteful style. 

3. Conference Tables

The Sunline IW Executive Conference Table is a rounded and unique masterpiece of corporate furniture. It comes in custom sizes to suit any executive office or conference room.

The Sunline EY Conference Table places a modern spin on a traditional design. Accommodating for technology and available in several classic options of wood stain, this table has everything you need. It’s available in 8-foot to 24-foot sizes, so it will work in various meeting spaces.

Office Cubicles vs. Benching Systems vs. Desks: Choosing the Right One for Your Office

As you consider which layout would work for your office space the best, you probably want to know how the benefits differ. Each office needs a layout that reflects its core values and considers the way employees work best. Think about your current space and the work your team does to choose the best option.

Cubicle Desk Workstations

Office cubicle desks are the classic option for businesses with employees that often work individually. Cubicles allow your staff to work free of distractions. They can customize their own areas for an individualized look and feel.

If your staff does collaborate occasionally, create a separate section of your office with features like modular desks or a conference table to accommodate your team’s needs.

Benching Systems

Benching systems are ideal if you have employees that often work in teams and need to share spaces. Promote creativity in your office with nomadic workspaces that help workers get into a creative flow more easily than a confined space.

These systems are often spread out and are suitable for larger, more open-concept office spaces, but working within space constraints is possible.

Modular Desks

Choose modular desks when you want versatility for your office. Your desks can be communal or individual, and you can move them when you’re ready to change the layout of your office. Create workstations that are like a hybrid between the cubicle and the bench system.

Modular desks also allow for collaboration and boost team morale, as your staff can easily mingle but maintain their own space.

Expert Office Furniture Installation, Delivery and Design Services

Want to create an effective, collaborative work environment for your team? We have a large inventory of commercial-quality office furniture waiting to be installed at your location. When you choose Arnold’s, you order from a wide selection of affordable items designed for the daily demands of your business and can rely on our professional installation services. 

Shopping at a warehouse instead means you can miss out on sales opportunities, and online stores offer so many options that it can be difficult to decide on the perfect fit. We specialize in office furnishings and will assist you with everything from planning desk arrangements that will promote your values to providing large-scale cubicle installations. 

We provide a full range of services for all of your office furniture solutions:

  • Design: Our professional planners have worked with hundreds of office configurations and understand which layouts will work for specific purposes or with an aesthetic quality in mind. We can help with the selection process, and we can also help plan your design and layout based on your goals.
  • Deliver: We have our own warehouse staff and delivery drivers responsible for getting your items to a location safely and on time. Our reach is nationwide, with our showroom and warehouses in Pennsylvania.
  • Install: Our team can finish the delivery process with a professional installation. We will follow your floor plan and staging to give you the office layout requested.

Shop Arnold's for Office Furniture for Sale

Shop Arnold’s for Office Furniture for Sale

Looking for office furniture near you? Our in-stock office furniture products are ready to deliver. Contact us to learn more about our services, or request a quote if you want to buy modern office furniture for your business.