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Corporate office buildings often have conference rooms, training areas and community spaces. Regardless of if your business is growing or has frequent visitors, you must provide enough seating so that everyone remains comfortable. When corners are tight, armless office chairs are an excellent route for collaboration, open discussions and productivity in the workplace.

At Arnold's, we supply a wide variety of office furniture for companies looking to optimize culture and appearance. We specialize in cost-friendly solutions that help your employees perform daily tasks. No one looks out for your team quite like Arnold's as we have armless conference room chairs for flexibility, storage and efficiency.

What Are Armless Office Chairs?

If you have ever seen an ergonomic desk chair, you understand these products allow workers to make adjustments based on their environment. Often, office chairs have armrests for additional padding and a luxurious feel. As the name indicates, armless office chairs remove these components for added mobility and space in high-traffic locations.

Setting up your office with armless chairs is ideal for compact rooms and spaces where attendance numbers are high. You can easily have more employees involved with meetings, presentations and beyond with seating that takes up far less space.

Armed vs. Armless Furniture

Several office chair styles come with armrests, but these features can be limiting if they’re unsuitable for a certain layout. Employees constantly on the move may be restricted by armrests as they train new hires, stand up between jobs or navigate narrow locations. Arnold’s enables your staff to move around commercial spaces with options that stack and slide under desks.

You will find armless office chairs featuring both plastic and fabric materials on our online store. Our designs come in a range of custom colors with additional features, such as adjustment settings and comfort padding.

Armless Office Chairs and Features

At Arnold’s, we strive to bring customers products that fit rooms of all shapes and sizes. We recognize that no two companies are exactly the same, so our armless office chairs are versatile for widespread use. Whether you want armless stools or chairs with stationary legs, we have listings for all budgets.

The customer favorite Extra Padded Office Chair has rolling-style wheels, 360-degree swivel and height adjustment settings. You can place bulk orders in exciting colors such as yellow, green, blue, gray, red and orange for an eye-catching look around tables, desks and lunchrooms. Workers can sit as close to surfaces as they like without armrests getting in the way.

For large events and guest speakers, check out the following products:

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Arnold’s Office Furniture offers design layout services for expansions and interior upgrades. We handle all of our own nationwide deliveries, and we’ll even send out technicians to assemble orders for an extra fee. When moving to a brand new building or remodeling current setups, look no further than our team for quality products at competitive prices.

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