Sofie Sled Base Chair (Compel)

Sofie Sled Base Chair (Compel)

SKU: 8830

  • Compel Sofie Sled Gray
  • Compel Sofie Sled Gray with Chrome Base
  • Compel Sofie Sled Black with Chrome Base
  • Compel Sofie Sled Black
  • Compel Sofie Sled White with Chrome Base
  • Compel Sofie Sled White
  • Compel Sofie Sled

Sofie Sled Base Chair (Compel)

SKU: 8830

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  • 3 Different Poly Shell Colors
    • Black
    • White
    • Gray
  • Wire Frame Sled Base
    • Black
    • Chrome

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Sofie Sled Base Chair (Compel)

Everyone in your office deserves sturdy and comfortable seating to support them throughout the day, from workers to visitors. Furnish your space with robust and eye-catching seating with Sofie sled-base chairs from Arnold’s Office Furniture.

Compel Sofie Sled Office Chair

Compel took a standard poly stacker and elevated it, resulting in the Sofie Sled chair. Though these office chairs give a classic appearance, they are set apart by their innovative sled-base leg design. Sofie Sled chairs blend perfectly with any office space, projecting a sleek and contemporary look suited to any conference room, reception area, cafe or anywhere in between.

These lightweight poly-shell chairs weigh only 10 pounds but can support up to 300 pounds due to their durability.

Material Information

Our multipurpose office chairs comprise a wire-frame sled base and acrylic seat. Choose from our black, white and gray poly shell options to ensure your chairs project the ideal appearance for your office. We also offer two sled base options, including black or chrome wire frames.

Furnish Your Office With Sofie Sled-Base Chairs From Arnold’s Office Furniture

Find state-of-the-art office chairs for your commercial space at Arnold’s Office Furniture. We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of high-quality products from trusted manufacturers like Sunline.

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